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  1. Mozzboy

    What She Said - NME "Poll Winners '84 full EP" Here!

    Hi Friends!!! I ignore if it was posted before but I think It's a wonderful stuff!! NME (New Musical Express) "Poll Winners '84 EP". Includes "What She Said" Live at The Oxford Apollo (18/March/1985). Here's the full vinyl rip E.P. Enjoy!! A1 - Hard Rain (Bronski Beat) A2 - Ivo (New...
  2. Mozzboy

    Jack The Ripper Cover

    Flatbroke Trio covered JACK THE RIPPER Well, you know, friends! Here You Are!!:)
  3. Mozzboy

    Request, Paul King, Joy Album.

    Hi Friends! I need this records for this weekend, my bestfriend will marry the next Friday, and anybody has this records!!! Do you think is possible? :tears: Thanks In Advance! ;)
  4. Mozzboy

    Request, Sir John Betjeman, Please!!!

    Friends, I'm looking for the track 17 of NME Song To Save Your Life, "The Child Ill" - Sir John Betjeman. It's the only one I need, please!!! Thanks In Advance!! :)
  5. Mozzboy

    Northern Portrait - Napoleon Sweetheart E.P 2008

    Ok Friends , I Found This! it's Amazing! Enjoy! :)
  6. Mozzboy

    Moz Interview - HOT PRESS MAGAZINE :eek:
  7. Mozzboy

    THE SMITHS - UNDER REVIEW (Video) (2006)

    Hi Friends! I think many people here will love this post. Enjoy! :)
  8. Mozzboy

    "CARE - Diamonds and Emeralds" ????

    Hi friends!! I'm looking for "CARE - Diamonds and Emeralds" album. Anyone have a link of this album? CARE was a band formed by Paul Simpson and Ian Broudie. I can't find it anywhere. Thanks In Advance!!!:)
  9. Mozzboy

    Inside The Smiths Film ;)
  10. Mozzboy

    Crises Consequences

    Not the real version. The Real version will be out on April 21!! But I think you'll love these ones!!:D Please Buy The Original!!:)
  11. Mozzboy

    The Nosebleeds

    The Single!!! Enjoy!!! :)
  12. Mozzboy

    FANZINE Nº 6 (Abril 2008)

    Enjoy Friends!!! :)
  13. Mozzboy

    Inside The Smiths (Theme)

    by Craig Gannon!!! :guitar:
  14. Mozzboy

    Bigmouth Strikes Again (Extended Version?????)

    THE SMITHS Bigmouth Strikes Again (Original 1986 UK Rough Trade label 2-track 7" vinyl single, also including Money Changes Everything, in James Dean picture sleeve RT192). Bigmouth Strikes Again 4'40" (Is it an Extended version?) :confused: Please friends let me know if it's true...
  15. Mozzboy

    FANZINE Nº 5 April 2008 Enjoy it!!! It's free!!! :)
  16. Mozzboy

    Req: Laura Nyro!

    Friends! Does anyone has recordings of her? Someone recommended me and I really don't know her! Thanks In Advance! ;)
  17. Mozzboy

    FANZINE Nº 4 March 2008

    Remember!! Be always connected!! :) Share It Friends!! ;)
  18. Mozzboy

    Req: Briana Corrigan

    Friends!!! is possibly to get this ? Briana Corrigan - When My Arms Wrap You Round - 1996 Never heard it, and I love her period with TBS!!! Thanks to everyone!!! :)
  19. Mozzboy

    Req: The Beautiful South bootlegs

    Does anybody have bootlegs of them, friends? Thanks in advance! :)
  20. Mozzboy

    Treebound Story - My Life Example E.p

    Hey Friends!! This is my first post en "Other Music". Fooling around I found this E.P. The first band of "Richard Hawley" of "The Longpigs". Mozz Bless You!!! Enjoy! :guitar: from...
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