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    Morrissey recording new Janice Long BBC Radio2 session (June 10), broadcast next week (June 14/15)

    And if he rejects this forum, why should he talk the truth? I mean ...
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    Looking for Morrissey's bus driver

    Some months (years?) ago, I read an article from a guy who wrote about being Morrissey's bus driver (or something like that) for about one day. I think the guy was fired after 24 hours by then Morrissey's manager via phone. Does anyone recall the article or could lead me to a thread with the...
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    The List of Cancelled gigs??

    Schlachthof means abatoir.
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    Morrissey in german magazine "Spiegel"

    Here's a review from spiegel-online:,1518,605141,00.html
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    Platte der Ausgabe (Spex) / Record of the issue (Spex)

    Another one for the translation-machine:
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    Hi. From Germany, living in Berlin. What about you? W.

    Hi. From Germany, living in Berlin. What about you? W.
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    AYNIM out in Germany!

    Ok, Voodoo, confirm your address and I will send a CD on monday.
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    AYNIM out in Germany!

    I think I bought my copy (CD) today at a MediaMarkt in Berlin, or maybe it was a Saturn, I can't tell and I guess nobody cares. I found it amongst the other singles. Children in pieces is not a remarkable song. It has no direction, Santaolalla produced it, but you can't tell what he or his name...
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    New Order's Final gig...

    I can't download it, always - for months now - it says xxx is too busy. Can anyone help?
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    Pasadena dates announced on True to You

    Matt Walker's brother used to be in the Grapes of Wrath? At least, the Grapes of Wrath had one good song. "All the things I wasn't" But maybe it is all one joke MozIsGod and I didn't get. I really wonder.
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    New U2 video

    U2 might be in the audience, I thought I saw this Edge-guy, but they put themselves on the stage as fans and still it appears as if they want to be adored due to the people they seem to adore.
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    New U2 video

    I don't really like U2, but the song is nice though. I have to admit I like some of their late stuff. "Walk on" for instance. It is so stadium-rock in a blatant way, I like that. But the new video bothers me a bit. I don't know the right saying ... standing on the shoulders of giants? And...
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    How many 'new' songs do you think Moz will play tonight?

    I guess it'll be good, next night will be better and in December he'll be sure what to put on the next Live-CD, pretending it'd have been played on one night. I wouldn't mind, I like "Live at Earl's Court".
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    Top ten underrated Morrissey songs?

    "Reputably the chorus of “he drew a swallow on my neck and more I will not say...” refers not to an actual bird tattoo (which has Nazi/SS soldier overtones)" Nazi/SS soldier overtones?
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    German venue help please!

    I am sorry, this hotel isn't close to Arena Treptow. Actually, I have no idea what this "Berlin Arena" is supposed to be but it is not the venue Morrissey is supposed to perform. You should book a room in Kreuzberg or Friedrichshain. Subway-station (U-Bahn) Schlesisches Tor or S-Bahn-station...
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    Song interpretations

    I don't think "Lucky Lisp" is about Barry Manilow, it is about my neighbour. But I believe for a fact that "Panic" is about the breaking-up of The Smiths. He knew it before! Maybe he even knew it before his birth.
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    I guess this is the end.....

    I don't know, but I guess there must be a chatroom around here, so why don't you go there?
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