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  1. karelMoz

    Morrissey to play in Israel!!!

    It has just been confirmed! July 29!! I need to go and book flight tickets :-)
  2. karelMoz

    Hammerstein videos revisited

    I've finaly finished posting all the videos I took during this insane week. Videos came out surprsingly good considering I used an old digicam. So here they are: - Nat. Front disco - Girlfriend in a...
  3. karelMoz

    Poster Framing

    Quite a while ago i've bought three huge Smiths Posters (Strangeways, world won't listen and bigmouth), each one measures 60X40". When i went to some framing stores they all wanted around $300 for framing which is insane as I paid around 50 per poster. Anyone has suggestions (other than...
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