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  1. Right Whinger

    Vh2 (uk)

    My Saturday morning routine is usually, cup of tea, egg on toast and VH2. I switched the TV on this morning to be horrified that VH2 has been replaced with VH2 flux. All RnB and shit, even Ms Spears has made an appearance! Out of the 8 million channels I get with NTL this was the one channel...
  2. Right Whinger

    XBOX Live

    Anybody else from here on it? I have just ressurected my 'Live' career! Feel free to add me to your friends list 'THE SWEENEY'
  3. Right Whinger

    ROTT posters - are there any about

    I have a large size YATQ Album cover framed in my front room and would not mind a ROTT one. Not seen any for sale, do you know if there are any about?
  4. Right Whinger

    Best of Spitting Image

    There was a show on UK TV last night talking about the once popular satire programme 'Spitting Image'. For Non Uk readers it was satire using puppets and was quite funny at times. They pulled the plug on it in '96 I think so last night was a nostalgic look back and it interviewed some of the...
  5. Right Whinger

    Dirty Pretty Things

    Have to say I quite liked them on Jools Holland last night, very vibrant, might be a worth listen. Will be swerving 'hot chip' though! I can imagine Moz squirming having to sit through that!
  6. Right Whinger

    Considering going veggie

    Don't know if any Morrissey fans can help me out here. I am considering going vegetarian but am really concerned about not getting the right minerals/vitamins/proteins inside me. I have eaten meat for all of my 31 years so its a big step for me. Am not wanting to start a veggie v carnivore...
  7. Right Whinger

    Kings Lynn ticket available - face value or Palladium ticket swap

    Hi all I have 2 loves in live, Moz and football. My team Swansea have made it through to the PLay off final on the same day as Kings Lynn. After hours of soul searching I have decided to go to the game. I have seen Morrissey at Ally Pally but may never get the chance to see Swansea at the...
  8. Right Whinger

    Any Bassists out there plus Gary Day.

    Just wondered if there were any Bassists on the forum? I started learning about 6 months ago so always good to chat with others. I never used to really notice Basslines until I started learning ('Barbarism' excepted of course) but I think ROTT has some corking basslines. 'Life is a...
  9. Right Whinger

    Newbie Question - Moz Merch

    Tonight will be my first time seeing Morrissey (ally pally). I wondered if they have any/much merchandise on sale at his gigs?
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