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    This Ace Frehley song

    ...actually reminds me a little of The Smiths. Was a little surprised by that (even though it's probably not an influence for him). Anyone else who can hear it too?
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    Morrissey's highest and lowest note?

    Does anyone have an idea on what Smiths or Morrissey song that has his highest vocal note in it, and the same for his lowest note?
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    I know it's over from NYC October 13 2012?

    Does anyone have a good audio source for this? Have any bootlegs surfaced?
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    When was the last time he played

    November spawned a monster and Now my heart is full?
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    Best audio quality for each Smiths song performed by Morrissey?

    What Smiths songs out of the ones Morrissey has performed over the years are available in professional quality (as in from official albums/singles/radio broadcasts/TV broadcasts and so on)? I'm thinking of putting together a compilation, and I think I need some help with this. I know that...
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    Blur request!

    I wonder if someone in here has got audio or most preferably video of Blur's recent performances at BBC Radio 6 Music show and BBC Radio 2 in concert show? Both were uploaded on youtube for a while, but BBC have blocked them yeah, anyone? Thanks in advance!
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    Do you think he will play I know it's over in Sweden...?

    I know it's impossible to answer this really, but what do you think the chances are? So far he's only played it in indoor shows, and not at any festival dates. One of the two shows in Sweden is at a festival, and the other is not...but the one which is not at a festival is outdoors...haha, so...
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    Lucky Lisp Nevada 2007 live version request

    Yes, anyone who has it and would be willing to share? I'd appreciate it! Thank you in advance.
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    Request: Death in Vegas bootleg

    Does anyone here have a Death in Vegas bootleg which includes the song "Girls"?
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    Glasvegas - The world is yours

    So what do you think of the new Glasvegas song? After the first (and so far only listen) I can say this: I love the chorus, but I'm not sure of what I think of the first listen they kinda sounded more like B-side material than A-side material. But the chorus is just as good as...
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    The Crookes & The Vaccines rare stuff request thread

    Yes, does someone happen to have any live sessions/bootlegs/rare tracks/b-sides by these two bands to share/link to? I just discovered both bands tonight, and I'd love to hear some more stuff than just the studio versions of their officially released songs. Thanks in advance!
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    Some girls are bigger than others live version request Does anyone here have that live version, and if so would you be willing to share it? Thanks in advance!
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    Need help (urgent)

    Could someone please tell me what band this is?: Please answer as soon as you see this if you know. Thanks in advance. :) (It has to do with a quiz)
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    I'd really appreciate your help

    Hello there. I watched an episode of the BBC series Waking the dead tonight, and I heard a song in one scene that I thought sounded good, but I wasn't able to make out enough words to be able to find it myself through Google, so I thought I'd try and ask here and see if anyone recognizes the...
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    Glasvegas request

    Does anyone have their Benicassim 2009 set (mpg/avi format) to share, or know of a blog where I can download it? Thanks in advance!
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    Could use some help

    Do you know of any simple but good promo videos? Preferably by artists/bands that are at least somewhat indie music related (whatever that is...). I'm looking for videos where the artist/band is a (big/small) part of it, and where there's basically no props involved, so, yeah, simple ones, if...
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    What would you say is the best live version of I know it's over?

    Yes, what would you say is the best live version of I know it's over? If you have several favorite performances of the song please do rank (pun intended...?) them! What an experience it must have been to witness it live.
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    I have a request

    Hello there. I wonder if anyone in here has got Placebo's performance (mp3/flac) of "Without you I'm nothing" featuring Robert Smith from Wembley, London 2004, and if so is willing to share it with me? Thank you in advance!
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    Morrissey should do a cover version of...

    It just struck me. Morrissey should do a cover version of The Misfits song "Saturday night". I heard it for the first time just a minute or so ago, and I spontaneously started thinking "this almost sounds like a 00's Morrissey song, with some added fuzzy distortion to the guitar sound". I...
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    A question about The Sound of The Smiths

    Were the tracks on CD2 remastered as well, and if so by Johnny? And does anyone know if that was the case with "What she said", "Rubber ring" and "The draize train" (all three were iTunes bonus tracks) as well?
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