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  1. pandora_cocteau

    Why I Will Not Buy Greatest Hits

    Yesterday I walked into HMV, grabbed a copy of Greatest Hits off the shelf and walked towards the cash register. As it was about to be checked out, the salesperson said "That will be 18.95 with tax"...yes. Tax. The evil tax that pays for the seal hunt, funded by the government. I appologized to...
  2. pandora_cocteau

    Why Does Morrissey Still Bother with the NME?

    Honestly, how many times have they screwed him over and warped his words in the past? Fool me once... and aren't there any other music magazines in the world? Jesus...I don't know if Morrissey's people have been informed, but anyone who cares even a little about music does not use the NME to...
  3. pandora_cocteau

    Johnny Marr- a part time janitor?

    I swear there is a janitor at my university residence cafeteria that is either Johnny Marr's twin brother who has had a rough life....or Johnny's Modest Mouse endeavour has sunken to new lows... The guy even has the same haircut as Marr...and appears to be cooler than most post-middle aged...
  4. pandora_cocteau

    Apparently... is impossible for me to escape Morrissey even in the city of 8 million people. What are the chances... I was walking across 65th in Central Park, expecting nothing. Suddenly I looked over. Standing at a traffic light, I saw a Mercedes limo with a familiar profile, with an impressive hair...
  5. pandora_cocteau

    Why I won't Attend The New York Concert

    This is the ultimate test: I am going on a school trip (well, my department at university) to New York on the same weekend of the New York dates. When I first found out, I thought it was a sign from heavens- there must be a connection! Must be a reason! I planned on getting three tickets and...
  6. pandora_cocteau

    Morrissey Dress

    I guess this is off topic... but my mother and I combined our powers to make a Morrissey dress which I can wear for the NY concerts.
  7. pandora_cocteau

    Two NY GA tickets for the 27th

    Pleaseeeeeee contact me if you're willing to sell. Love Lee
  8. pandora_cocteau

    Wanted: 2 tickets for the 27th of October, 1 for 26th

    I am looking for GA tickets for the main floor. Paypal is prefered. Plleeeeaaassse contact me. Thanks!
  9. pandora_cocteau

    NY 26th GA ticket wanted

    Hi! If you have a GA ticket for the 26th, I'd veeery mucho like to buy it from you. Please contact me! Love Pandy
  10. pandora_cocteau

    A dream that ruined my day

    Gah. I don't know if you guys heard...but Toronto proved that it has one of the worst tastes in "music" in the whole world. Apparently enough people voted for the Spice "Girls" (Girls? They're old hags now..!!!) to come here on their 'reunion' tour....anyway.. ...last night I had a dream...
  11. pandora_cocteau

    If You're Fat, They Assume You'd Eat Anything

    Today I went with my mom into one of those 'plus size' stores...for women over size 12. The sizes go up to's truly remarkable. But one thing in particular that I could not believe was this- The plus size store launched a cosmetics line to go with the clothes (I guess you need more...
  12. pandora_cocteau

    Cruel Intentions

    This is the first time in my life that I have seen Cruel Intentions. Shocking? It seems so common for the younger generation to have seen the move more than once. I have not. And I don't see what the big fuss is about- it wasn't that good. Thoughts? Feelings? Opinions? I don't know. I just...
  13. pandora_cocteau

    New Photo of Morrissey..funny...seconds before I met him!

    Ok so I was reluctant when it came to developing some pictures my friend took during the concert with my disposable camera- I didn't know what to expect. But then I took the courage to do it..most photos of the concert are blurry, and since my scanner is crap (as you can tell from this photo)...
  14. pandora_cocteau

    Rest In Peace Lee Hazelwood

    He died...I can't even express how sad I am right now. What an amazing man...I really wanted to meet him. Ugh. That's all I can say right now.
  15. pandora_cocteau

    I know where Morrissey will be on August 14th

    Portugal. Now that he has free time, why not unwind and emulate your own fan base, travel to another country to see your favorite band?
  16. pandora_cocteau

    Where is He now?

    Notice the capital H? Yeah.... I wonder where Morrissey went after this. LA? England? You'd think he's in Europe...after being away for so long he must surely miss it. Any "sightings"? I don't know why I care to know, or whether it is weird or not that I do, but still....
  17. pandora_cocteau

    Name Change

    Have you ever seriously considered changing your first name? I am. I mean, I know I will. I have the perfect name in mind. Have any of you changed your names? I wonder if it will be legally easy...and what I'll have to do. I also hope I will be able to react to it as easily...I don't want to...
  18. pandora_cocteau

    Moz/Boz Simpsons Characters

    Ceci and I had some fun today, and made these. These two are mine, she'll post hers, which are great!!!! young and scrawny boz!! Ceci,post yours too!!!
  19. pandora_cocteau

    Oh what an annoyance!!

    What I am about to say has nothing to do with wanting to be older....just having to be!!! All of the best "shows" in Toronto are 19+. I am 17 and I am going into first year of university in....a month actually. Moving to downtown, about to experience life....not so fast- apparently, any form of...
  20. pandora_cocteau

    Haute couture bag? what am i going to do!!

    My uncle from Italy just sent me a Gucci bag. It is beautiful...but I am too poor to wear something like that!!! How does one incorporate a 700 dollar purse if their style is chucks and levis!?!?!??!?!?!?!!
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