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  1. Famous when dead

    Morrissey Central "A WRITER WRONGED" (June 24, 2024)

    It is Murray faxing a copy of a received / printed out email to Morrissey with his own comment written on it. The very top of the page is headed as per many, many fax machines. The footer belongs to the email - not the fax. Regards, FWD.
  2. Famous when dead

    Morrissey Central "A WRITER WRONGED" (June 24, 2024)

    "Look, bit short notice this but does anyone know how we can get a message/e-mail sent on to Moz from NME, whom I am. Basically, it's NME's 50th anniversary this year and we want to make up with all the people we've pissed off over the years. We want to offer an olive branch to Moz, apologise...
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  4. Famous when dead

    Strange/unexpected Moz references? Shared at the time (2016/17), but repeated here as music has been reposted on Soundcloud. FWD.
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  7. Famous when dead

    Book: "The Light That Never Goes Out - The Smiths 1984/86" by S. Wright (Due August 5, 2024)

    Hanging Around Books are delighted to announce that our next release will feature Stephen Wright's iconic images of The Smiths. We are currently taking pre-orders for the first edition of 250 copies. These will be reserved and mailed out ahead of release date and as soon as we receive copies...


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  11. Famous when dead

    Myles Hendrik Instagram: Morrissey, Guy Oseary and Andrew Watt photo (June 17, 2024)

    Have a feeling this is circa 2022. Happy to be wrong. FWD. Edit: see further...
  12. Famous when dead

    Morrissey related films

    I believe the Stanley Baker image for use as the cover of the Lady Willpower single didn't get permission - so was used on a drum head cover instead. Regards, FWD.
  13. Famous when dead

    Morrissey related films
  14. Famous when dead

    Strange/unexpected Moz references?

    It's bonus time again. This time Simon Wolstencroft talks about the lost tapes for the Eilidh Bradley Project: EP, his old friend Andy Rourke and an update on the House Of All. All episodes...
  15. Famous when dead

    Strange/unexpected Moz references?

    Camila: Shirt is via Alphonzo Rawls' 2013 skate shirt. FWD.
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