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  1. Girl Racer

    9 oclock manchester ??????

    I want to avoid the support act really. I was going to get there for around 8:30 going off what people have said about the other gigs. Don't rely on that though, I wouldnt want you missing anything!
  2. Girl Racer

    Which of these Morrissey singles that made the UK top ten is your favorite?

    Same for me, although Interesting Drug is a close second!
  3. Girl Racer

    New songs in the setlist...

    No November....... :( Moz, if you're reading this ;) (worth a go!!)
  4. Girl Racer

    If Moz was to Create his own Political Party

    What do you think his policies would be?? :D (Aside from the obvious banning the eating of meat!) Also, what would it be called?
  5. Girl Racer

    Somebody knows the setlist?

    If he doesn't do November Spawned a Monster there will be tears!
  6. Girl Racer

    Do you think that Morrissey would like you?

    I would like to think so, but I can't imagine that I will ever meet him. I thought I saw him outside the corn exchange in Manchester in 1992, which would have been an ideal place to say hello (rather than before or after a gig when he is busy) in fact I almost crashed my mini metro (terrible...
  7. Girl Racer

    Favorite track on 'Beethoven Was Deaf'

    It was a very tough choice between Jack the Ripper and November Spawned a Monster, But November just edged it for me and got my vote!
  8. Girl Racer

    When did you become a Smiths/Morrissey fan?

    1989, it was The Smiths I first got into, then Morrisseys solo work soon after. Been a fan ever since.
  9. Girl Racer

    What Is Your Favorite Morrissey Tour?

    For me it would have to be the Kill Uncle Tour 1991. Best gig being the Liverpool Empire! Great night, chatted to some really lovely people, we all stood at the stage door for ages afterwards, didnt see him (I wouldnt do that now). Some nutter tried to get on the stage by leaping...
  10. Girl Racer

    Morrissey Halifax

    Fantastic night! Moz was on form, lovely intimate venue, I was seated which I wasnt happy about, but when I got there I couldn't have been happier, excellent view. Most of my pics are blurred though :( But who cares, what a night YAY!!!!!!!!!!
  11. Girl Racer

    Halifax Tonight!

    Thanks Sphinx, how late would you suggest me leaving it then? Will they still let us in if we were to get there around 8.30pm? I dont want to miss the build up really, but I have a load of stuff to do tonight before I can set off!
  12. Girl Racer

    Halifax Tonight!

    Who's going? Quick question, any idea who the support act is? I thought it was Sons and daughters? But after reading here yesterday someone said that wasnt the case, anyone know who it is please? Also, if say I was to want to miss the support act ;) what time roughly does the man himself...
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