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    How do you feel about Kill Uncle?

    Posted in another thread but forgot to mention this.. I don't like that Tony The Pony is the closing track. I think it kind of ruins the vibe set by I'm The End Of The Family Line and There Is A Place In Hell For Me and My Friends. Still, in all of its unconventional glory, it's still a great...
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    How do you feel about Kill Uncle?

    I really like the record. I wish he would play at least SOMETHING off of it. Strangely enough, I find myself listening to it more than Vauxhall and I, which is widely considered to be the best solo release.
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    Is it "green" for Morrissey to release product like "Swords"?

    I think for someone who has inspired and influenced so many people in becoming vegetarian, (which does worlds more for the environment than ditching plastic when it comes to cd's) he's done more for the planet than Al Gore could ever dream of. Whatever, this thread is silly and OP is equally, if...
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    God hates the Smiths

    oh, Christians. hahah
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    New merch

    Would anyone be willing to pick up an extra scarf for me? I'll definitely paypal money to whoever. I REALLY want this.
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    New merch

    Would anyone be willing to pick up a scarf for me? I'll of course reimburse.
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    Strange places you've heard The Smiths/Morrissey

    Outside of a bar in Chicago, I heard There Is A Light... randomly playing.
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    has morrissey ever said what his favourite song is

    I've seen him on interviews say that Last Night I Dreamt.. was his favorite Smiths song
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    Morrissey/Smiths posters

    No use in buying over priced posters when you can print them out using the Rasterbator (yes, I know).
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    Who feels the same way as Morrissey

    Human sexuality and human attractions are more complicated and much more complex than these terms. I believe you would be hard pressed to find a person on this planet who hasn't thought about being involved with someone in the same sex. Whether they would like to admit it or not, I'm fairly...
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    This Boy's in Love - a Moz compilation for a victim of love

    I wouldn't delete Our Frank. In my opinion, that song is incredibly catchy but add I Changed My Plea To Guilty.
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    "Maladjusted" versus "Ammunition"

    Maladjusted is my second favorite Morrissey song. It has some of my favorite lyrics of his and it's just overall brilliant. I guess I'm one of the rare ones that first heard this song and was instantly hooked. I'm constantly memorized by not just the lyrics but the delivery and the music behind...
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    Top 5 songs you want to see Morrissey do live but haven't

    I've Changed My Plea To Guilty Back To The Old House Speedway Maladjusted Hold On To Your Friends I Know Its Over Certain People I Know I Don't Mind If You Forget Me I cheated.
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