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    US tour dates announced

    12/4 Myrtle Beach plz. Last time was fantastic even though he was sick. If not, I suppose I'll make the trip to both ATL and Asheville.
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    American Tour Set list......

    lol. I think you mean 'I Know It's Over'.
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    Main page - ten US dates added to the tour

    Why not? The last dates he did in the US were all in the West. You had your tour. I really hope that he does do only East Coast shows but he won't.
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    Main page - ten US dates added to the tour

    Re: 10 US dates No one in Florida got "stood up". Morrissey was legitimately sick. Get over it.
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    More US Dates - Pomona & San Diego

    Re: seated vs. gen adm How limited? I'm looking to fly over there for this and I don't want to end up sitting down through the entire gig.
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    Second U.S. Leg?

    will fly wherever to see him.
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