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    "Knockabout World" released on YouTube / streaming platforms (Feb. 21, 2020)

    maladjusted is the opening to the book that never was, one of my favourite Morrissey songs ever, a fantastic lyrical effort backed by ominous, thundering music, would love to see it return to live shows.
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    "Knockabout World" released on YouTube / streaming platforms (Feb. 21, 2020)

    Has the song been removed? I can’t access it anywhere!?!
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    Compile a Best Of Latter-Day Morrissey Collection

    My Love I’d Do Anything For You I Just Want To See The Boy Happy Istanbul The World Is Full Of Crashing Bores Spent The Day In Bed If You Don’t Like Me, Then Don’t Look At Me Never Again Will I Be A Twin Ganglord Wedding Bell Blues It’s Hard To Walk Tall When Your Small I’m Throwing My Arms...
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    Morrissey’s lyrics have been the weakest thing about Morrissey’s music since 2004

    Where did I mention “Morrissey’s music” ? Regarding Morrissey not being a musician etc etc bore off, it’s not a big deal if someone did, by chance, accident or just in causal conversation refer to “Morrissey’s music”. His names on the record, it’s his. And I like “Camden” - i think it’s lovely.
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    Morrissey’s lyrics have been the weakest thing about Morrissey’s music since 2004

    I suppose that’s true, about “Bobby..” but I am still a little disappointed because what I love about Morrissey is his poetry. Glad to see it isn’t just me that understands about the attitude, it’s not a huge thing, I just considered it recently upon listening to the early solo work, a tune like...
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    Morrissey’s lyrics have been the weakest thing about Morrissey’s music since 2004

    I would tend to agree, especially with the two new singles pointing that way. I like “bobby..” but the lyrics are just drug slang repeated over and over, for a man who has written such beautiful words (even about drug use “sunny”!) it’s a bit deflating. Also his delivery, I struggle to...
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    Paul Heaton slags off Morrissey and praises Marr in new song

    I love The Housemartins and love some beautiful south songs, I’m fond of Heaton , though when someone mentioned all his songs sound like novelty tunes it made sense sadly. I don’t expect Heaton to like Morrissey, anymore anyway, I reckon he did admire him at one time (the housemartins could be...
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    Some Say I Got Devil

    Just listening to some tracks from California Son and reckon that “Some Say I Got Devil” would make a fantastic opener to the upcoming UK/France tour dates. Ominous and a little pantomime villainesque, it would be a brilliantly theatrical way to open the show, as smoke and fog are being pumped...
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    Morrissey six track mixtape

    BBC 6Music did a few “six track mixtapes” over the Christmas period, using decades and certain artists, Bowie etc. What would your Morrissey six track tape be? Or a Smiths one? Could be a collection of your favourites, or a more calculated bit of minimalist song curation, an entry level into...
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    Best Bookended Albums

    I have often found that Morrissey's albums often begin and end quite spectacularly, a lot of times featuring the albums best work, so what is everyone’s pick for his strongest start and finish? Haven’t included The Smiths, or any of the revised versions of deluxe editions.
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    "¡The Best Of! Morrissey" vinyl released (30 August, 2019)

    No no no that’s too far I’m afraid, I’m going to have to tell your mother immediately!
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    "¡The Best Of! Morrissey" vinyl released (30 August, 2019)

    Haven’t listened to Morrissey in a while properly, whilst I believe in free speech, the art isn’t the artist etc blah blah (let’s not turn every thread into a tedious political slagging match) the constant negativity (self inflicted by Moz to be fair) has just made me not feel like listening...
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    SER: "A Larks' Tongue In April" - Morrissey interview - Morrissey Central (24 June, 2019)

    Solid interview, only skimmed through it but I cannot see any troubling new information. He outlines he supports For Britain. He says he never supported UKIP. He is somewhat vague on brexit, more or less landing on supporting the initial decision rather than the outcome. New album. Regrets being...
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    Louis Theroux Desert Island Discs includes "Panic"

    Wasn’t there a proposed “When Louis met Morrissey” that fell through due to Morrissey’s distrust after the C4 “importance” doc? Love Louis, a national treasure.
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    NME: Billy Bragg on Morrissey

    Agree, funnily enough the critics seem to forget his bashing of Trump and Theresa May, his support of Sanders and his affection for Dick Gregory and James Baldwin. I don’t take my views on UK politics from someone who lives in LA though, so I don’t pay Morrissey’s political endorsements too much...
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    Johnny Marr on The Smiths' legacy and Morrissey: "You can't change history..." - NME

    Funny isn’t it, that everyone is always worried about Morrissey’s effect on The Smiths legacy, apart from the actual Smiths. Marr, Rourke and Joyce have all politely suggested that they don’t share his views or opinions, but not once have stuck the knife in to him, which i think many critics...
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    California son - how do you rate it?

    Got round to listening more intently, and I like it quite a lot! Artwork - 6 the cover at first I thought was completely ridiculous, and I still think this. But after listening, I can appreciate it slightly more, it suits the tone somehow, though I reckon a more professional design in the style...
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    Rank the 12 Morrissey studio albums

    Arsenal Hate Vauxhall Maladjusted Ringleader Quarry Uncle World Peace LIHS Refusal Son Southpaw
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    "California Son" review in Pitchfork (5.9)

    Not an awful review - still focuses on his personal and political side, but I think there were some decent deconstructions of the music. We (most of us) are Morrissey fans. This album will appeal to us more than most, and so I don’t think a loose 6/10 is an awful score for an obscure covers album.
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    "Because This Is How I Am" - SER / Morrissey Central (24 May, 2019)

    Well, I like it. It’s a bit of fun in the midst of the self inflicted rain cloud which Morrissey exists under. Maybe “Great” was hyperbole, but it’s positive nonetheless.
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