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    Article: Forthcoming Colbert Report details; Morrissey to be interviewed by Victoria Wood for Britis

    Re: Article: Forthcoming Colbert Report details; Morrissey to be interviewed by Victo Strange to be doing such similar songs. Should be good though. And looking forward to an actual TV interview!
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    Do you feel tired of Morrissey's verbal attacks?

    I'd have to agree with that. Sometimes Morrissey says silly things. Most of the time I agree with him. He's never uninteresting which is what keeps me coming back. Personally.
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    Article: London 2012 Olympics opening ceremony torchlighting segment titled "There Is

    #MorrisseyOlympics is currently trending on Twitter. Some quite amusing suggestions.
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    Morrissey getting the key to the city of Tel-Aviv on Channel 2 News Israel (video)

    That shirt/tie combo is just ludicrously awful. Nice of the guy who's presenting him with the key to the city to dress up too, wonder how much that blue polo shirt set him back ;) Quite enjoyed this little thing, would have prefered a full interview but Morrissey seems to be enjoying himself...
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    Article: "NME says sorry to Morrissey for the misunderstanding over 2007 article" -; libel c

    Re: Article: "NME says sorry to Morrissey for the misunderstanding over 2007 article" Hope so, wouldnt bet my bottom dollar on it.
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    "Morrissey's retirement will be the perfect ending" - The Guardian

    Putting words in his mouth. He hasn't announced retirement, he was vaguely estimating. He's also said that he might go on til he dies on stage!
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    Morrissey interview in Juice Magazine (Singapore)

    Well that's a bit ridiculous. You can share a similar view to someone while disagreeing with the way they conduct themselves. Although his view on Israel does seem hypocritical.
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    Morrissey statement 2 June 2012; Matt Walker exits band

    Aw I liked Matt and he was an impressive and skilled drummer. Interesting to see how a new member changes the band, if indeed they do so. Morrissey sounds in fine form! I can't say how much I wish he would appear on Question Time, it's (sadly) one of my favourite TV shows and he would just be...
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    How do you expect the Morrissey record-deal stalemate to end?

    Yes. Definately. Can we just make this happen already?
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    Swords: I just got the title

    Re: for your interest Another one here that hadn't noticed it haha, Got a new found like of the title now!
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    Had the smiths made it to the 90s

    Re: Had the smiths made it to the 90s. I reckon it would have been pretty similar to Morrissey's solo career i.e. A few more rocky/acoustic albums then some slightly experimental stuff then a good break before returning to some of their most critically acclaimed stuff "back on form"...
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    Morrissey quality control

    Re: Give me your MONEY! How does "butchering" LT,MS change anything? Does the original not still exist? Same goes for Ordinary Boys. Noone forcing you not to listen to them, especially as you dont like remasters anyway. If you dont like it, dont listen.
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    What are the odds? Will Moz get a new record deal?

    Domino would be nice. I think he said something about Universal showing some interest? Anyway, I imagine he'll find something, somewhere and it should be really rather good. :) Personally, I don't see anything wrong with the production on YOR but each to their own. However, I doubt he'll ever...
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    2011 UK tour ad

    :lbf: *inserts Hairdresser On Fire quote*
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