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    "Low In High School" enters at #5 in UK album charts

    A lot of people are forgetting how many sales went through pre-order. It was number 1 on Amazon sales on that week where a lot of people pre-ordered to get gig ticket access. All of these pre-orders are not counted in the chart, so if they had been included, I can guarantee the figure would...
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    Gustavo Manzur pictured

    Posted 17 minutes ago
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    "Low In High School" reviews (first on French site Gonzaï)

    Chronique non autorisée du « Low In High School » de Morrissey - Gonzaï It's in French, and Google gives a ropey translation. The last paragraph seems to suggest it's either a spoof, or one member of staff has a copy of the album. Any French speakers able to help? Reviews will be added to this...
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    A frankly vulgar red pullover

    After hearing this I just had to love this:
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    Morrissey turns 57 - May 22, 2016

    Mozzer, Your impact on me is ineffable; you're a true inspiration. Now, then, and...
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    TTY: Mexrissey Number One

    What's the Latin Alternative Chart?! I know they're like 8th on some Billboard for Latin albums or something, but I'd be interested if anyone could send me a link for where they're actually No 1. Thanks!
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    The Smiths 1983 London debut poster posted by @Mr_Dave_Haslam / Twitter

    Sound, though difficult to pigeon-hole, leans towards pop and the dance floor. I guess you could say that that's where it all began...
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    What's going on?

    Thanks so much for reassuring me that the trolls are a minority! When they complain about the TTY posts, it does confuse me a little. I find some of his humour refreshing, and the new pictures that a emerging such as the one from Dublin just a few months back prove that he is far from rotting...
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    What's going on?

    I'm new around this forum, and I can't help but noticing that folk seem to be losing patience with Moz these days. I look back with nostalgia at when YATQ and even World Peace was released, and the general sentiment of the site seemed to be positive. I just wondered if anyone could enlighten me...
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    Signup form anti spam filter- catching it out

    On the 'anti spam' field of the signup form, we are required to enter the name of Morrissey's former band. In search of fun, I entered 'The Nosebleeds,' but didn't get through the filter! It's not a serious problem as such, and I did it for a laugh more than anything else (I know!) but I thought...
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    Bigmouth Strikes Again- Joan of Arc?

    OK, so we're all sick and tired of the old Princess Diana 'phenomenon' that crops up now and again. If you're not, have a look at an adaptation here However, through looking at it the other day, on the Bigmouth page, I got thinking-...
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