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  1. BorealBoy

    Strange/unexpected Moz references?

    Screenshot taken from the new film "Nomadland."
  2. BorealBoy


    Thank goodness someone was WATCHING THE NEWS in order to show us these terrible things.
  3. BorealBoy

    Morrissey Central "Tell-Lie-Vision" (May 24, 2020)

    I was a reporter for 30 years and always tried to be fair given the deadline restrictions I was under. I never thought I was part of "the media." I was just a guy with a low-paying job. No one ever told me what to write nor how to write. Some folks here on this site wish to lump all the press...
  4. BorealBoy

    Morrissey Central "Coronavirus NYC" (April 22, 2020)

    If you stopped watching the news you would have missed this photograph captured by a news photographer with United Press International.
  5. BorealBoy

    The reviews

    Certainly I'm not an expert on new music. So the reviewers probably have a wider context from which to judge what's happening on the music scene. But I know what I like. And I think the low marks (for the most part) for IANADOAC are way way off base. For god's sake even my KIDS are streaming it...
  6. BorealBoy

    IANADOAC - singles? videos...too bad.
  7. BorealBoy

    The Telegraph / Neil McCormick: Review of IANADOAC (4/5 - March 14, 2020)

    Oh :( ....well thank you for the info just the same!
  8. BorealBoy

    The Telegraph / Neil McCormick: Review of IANADOAC (4/5 - March 14, 2020)

    I'm not seeing red vinyl among my options. Please tell!
  9. BorealBoy

    Record Shop Today in Rochester MN

    All I was trying to communicate was that the disc had some nice placement in the store.
  10. BorealBoy

    Record Shop Today in Rochester MN

    Today as seen in Rochester, MN.
  11. BorealBoy

    Morrissey spotted getting into car with 'I only swerve for Morrissey' bumper sticker-MEN, Daily Mail

    I fear his little bag boy could in fact be the elderly Dagenham Dave.
  12. BorealBoy

    Morrissey interview (American Songwriter, Feb. 2018) posted - Official FB

    I'm so glad to see a) Moz doing an interview; and b) reporter asking him about MUSIC. Fancy that!
  13. BorealBoy

    LIHS: Stereo logo

    Funny! Just looked closely at the "Stereo" logo on the front of LIHS. Beneath it in small type is written "For the man who has nothing." As a relative newcomer to the Morrissey world, perhaps this is a running joke of some kind??
  14. BorealBoy

    Low In High School: What do you think of it?

    I like the songs the more I listen to them. The highest praise, I suppose, comes from my 17 year old who said, "I don't absolutely hate it." Which for any of my music is as close to an endorsement as one gets.
  15. BorealBoy

    Spent the Day - video vs. song

    I wonder whether the video was shot before the final mixdown of the single? All those guitars! The guys are seen thrashing on their guitars but there is little or no guitar audible on the actual single. They could have shot the video in a way that would involve Boz and Jesse but with less guitar...
  16. BorealBoy

    Paso Robles, California cancelled/postponed to 2018 due to inoperative on-stage heating

    Perhaps this was covered in an earlier comment (I haven't read them all) but I sure hope that whatever the actual story is about the cancellation that the band gets paid regardless, for this show and the rescheduled one. Maybe the band ought to see if some company offers cancellation insurance...
  17. BorealBoy

    Do Morrissey's political/social views make it difficult to enjoy the music?

    Good art means pushing buttons and boundaries. It is not tailored for the masses. So if these issues are what motivate Mr. Moz these days, I can disagree with the views whilst appreciating the art that comes out.
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