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  1. Raised To Wait

    "Boy, Interrupted" by Dale Hibbert available for pre-sale; Morrissey-solo Q&A request for questions

    Dear Mr Hibbert, Thanks for taking the time to answer some questions from the questionable ranks of Morrissey-solo. I have often wondered if anyone in the Smiths camp ever talked to you at the time Craig Gannon was asked to step in for Andy? All the best for the book and what comes next...
  2. Raised To Wait

    Belfast - pre / post show events?

    Haven't heard of anything being organised, but I reckon it's the Duke of York and / or the Spaniard unless anyone has any better info to hand...
  3. Raised To Wait

    Belfast - pre / post show events?

    Anyone know if there's anything / anywhere planned for before or after the Belfast show?
  4. Raised To Wait

    Kevin Cummins posts more (mainly) unpublished Morrissey photos on Twitter

    He knows who he is now - was just on to the brother to let him know he's finally guilty by association... Oh the ravages of youth... And where was I? Stuck in (on) the flimsy cinema-seat things they had round the sides of the floor: the only person there not to end up on stage (including...
  5. Raised To Wait

    Wanted: 1 Johnny Marr Ticket for Dublin (Weds 27th March)

    Just mailed you at your gmail acct...
  6. Raised To Wait

    Wanted: 1 Johnny Marr Ticket for Dublin (Weds 27th March)

    Short notice I know, but I'd be really greatful if anyone can help out with a spare for this... PM me if you have one going a-begging. Thanks
  7. Raised To Wait

    Oh no...

    I'd be more than happy to take 2 of your Sunday night tix if you want to off-load them... Give me a shout back if you're interested. Thanks
  8. Raised To Wait

    Is this considered a rarity?

    Nor sure if it's rarity, but it just made my evening - thanks.
  9. Raised To Wait


    You'll find Now My Heart is Full on Introducing Morrissey & Last Night on Live At Earls Court (don't think a live smiths version exists).
  10. Raised To Wait

    2 Tickets for Cheltenham

    If there's anyone desperate to avoid the tout-trap and still looking for a ticket for Cheltenham I may be able to oblige. First to reply gets first refusal - if there's any decency in the world maybe people who've already been to some shows (or have tickets for later in the tour) will allow...
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