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  1. J

    Rank the tracks on IANADOAC

    My Hurling Days are Done is fantastic. Something of the 'Interlude' about it.
  2. J

    Official Facebook Brief statement re: London gig (March 12, 2020)

    ...and if you can't take self-isolation, then meet me at the venue by the met line station...
  3. J

    Official Facebook Brief statement re: London gig (March 12, 2020)

    Ludicrous. Got tickets but have developed a dry cough today so would be irresponsible to go. £65 down the drain.
  4. J

    will NYC happen?

    How on earth is London still going ahead? It'll be empty.
  5. J

    Low In High School: What do you think of it?

    Really enjpyed 1st listen. 'Israel' the standout track so far. Love 'Home..' as well. F*ck knows where the hate for WWPUFTP came from - its great! TGFTWWK is also growing on me as well.
  6. J

    TTY: September UK dates (Hull Sep. 18, London Sep. 20 and 21)

    What time has he come on stage at Plymouth and Hull please? Trying to get an idea for Sunday. Cheers.
  7. J

    TTY: Morrissey Europe and South America

    Are there no support acts for the UK tour?
  8. J

    TTY: Alma Matters MOZ girls, 2012, Indonesia

    The Youtube videos from that gig in Indonesia are great. Loud as f*** crowd singing back every word.
  9. J

    TTY: September UK dates (Hull Sep. 18, London Sep. 20 and 21)

    Re: TTY: September UK Dates Wrong. Standing tickets will be available. See this link -
  10. J

    How Eric Cantona's infamous Kung-fu kick helped inspire "Soutpaw Grammar" - NME blog

    A great, iconic moment. As one journo put it at the time, "You didn’t have to look very long and hard at Mr Matthew Simmons of Thornton Heath to conclude that Eric Cantona’s only mistake was to stop hitting him. The more we discovered about Mr Simmons, the more Cantona’s assault looked like...
  11. J

    Warning: The user 'David Hall'

    Just to give the forum a heads up to be careful when dealing with this guy. We arranged earlier in the week via both PM and then text to meet at Leicester Square station at 9am today for him to buy a ticket for tomorrow's gig off me. I was at our designated meeting spot at 9am, waited there...
  12. J

    1 x standing ticket for O2 gig available

    I have 1 standing ticket for tomorrow available. Face value with fees was £65 but will take £60. Need to meet today in Central London. I was meant to meet a user off here at 9am this morning but they haven't turned up and are ignoring my calls. Please message me if interested.
  13. J

    Selling 2 x London O2 Standing Tickets Face Value

    I have a standing ticket spare. I've sent you a PM.
  14. J

    Strange/unexpected Moz references?

    I was pretty pissed but I'm pretty sure Pete Doherty sang a snippet of What She Said at The Libertines gig last night (I know he's done a few other Smiths covers before).
  15. J

    Morrissey interview in Vegan Logic

    That was very nearly the first Moz interview I've read in which I've not laughed out loud. And then this... :D:D
  16. J

    Morrissey statement / Lisbon, Portugal booked (Oct. 6)

    Any word on what date Dublin might be in November?
  17. J

    The Hits That Weren't

    That made me :D.
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