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  1. Girl Racer

    Fox5NY: Morrissey, Exclusive Performance & Interview (October 20, 2023)

    I’ve always thought he sounded a little scouse…
  2. Girl Racer

    Fox5NY: Morrissey, Exclusive Performance & Interview (October 20, 2023)

    Enjoyable interview, Morrissey funny and fairly chatty. Absolutely hate sure enough though…pile of crap. I do like Veronica, but they could easily sub Miley for someone else. He just wants it to be her to attract a new audience.
  3. Girl Racer

    What album features Morrissey's best singing?

    Ringleader for me. I think it’s a real shame he doesn’t do any of it on tour anymore, it’s a beaut of an album. I’m not including The Smiths here.
  4. Girl Racer

    NME: "Rick Astley tells us about his Glastonbury secret set of Smiths covers with Blossoms" (June 24, 2023)

    The Blossoms sounded great, Rick Astley sounded dreadful, like something you‘d hear at a working man’s club, and he f***ed up four songs. Forgetting words, coming in at the wrong time.
  5. Girl Racer

    Rate the new Morrissey songs out of 10 & discussion

    1. I Am Veronica - 9 2. Bonfire Of Teenagers - 8 3. I Live In Oblivion - 6 4. Rebels Without Applause - 5 5. Sure Enough, The Telephone Rings - 2
  6. Girl Racer

    Mike Joyce Interview Irish Times Oct '22 - some Morrissey mentions

    It didn’t read like that to me….he says six or seven years ago, and that Moz and Marr met then. He doesn’t say 14 years go….
  7. Girl Racer

    I Am Not A Dog On A Chain: 2 years on

    I was (and still am) underwhelmed, however there is part of I am not a Dog on a chain (the song) that is genius. I replay the same bit over and over! Or maybe I'll be skinned alive By canada goose Because of my views Because of the truth Because of my fleece Because of my niece Like drinking...
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