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  1. Boro_Morrissey

    Andy Jones covers 'Boxers'

    Following on from the cover of 'Please Please Please...' Hear is another Moz cover from Teesside's own Andy Jones. Hope you guys don't mind me posting these covers up. But i do rather love them. Related item: Andy Jones...
  2. Boro_Morrissey

    Middlesbrough 'Roll Call'

    So who is coming to the Middlesbrough show? Anyone interested in meeting in the Central before hand for a beer or two. The Central is straight over the road from the town hall, you carnt find a place closer really.
  3. Boro_Morrissey

    The Middlesbrough Aftershow Party - The Centrel

    Hey Guys, just wanted to add, tickets will be available for this directly from The Central, from Tuesday this week. Myself, and the team helping me put this on, will be helping me sell the tickets on the day also. You can get a ticket from anyone wearing a black Nouvelle Musique t shirt. Hope...
  4. Boro_Morrissey

    Quarry - York Aftershow Event - 25th June

    Hey people, I want to get a ticket for this so I can defo get in. Is there any chance I can pick one up from anywhere in York before the gig? Or do I just have to fight it out on the door now? Cheers Matt
  5. Boro_Morrissey

    York rollcall

    Well I believe our plan is to hit the stone roses bar tonight, I do believe there is a band on. That's if we find it lol.
  6. Boro_Morrissey

    York rollcall

    So are there any Morrissey fans in York already? I've come down early for the gig. Wonderd if any others had done the same.
  7. Boro_Morrissey

    The Middlesbrough Aftershow Party - The Centrel

    Re: The Middlesbrough Aftershow Party - The Central Hey Moodymoo, it wont be a really late one, should all be done between half one and two. So far i'm Dj'ing lol, but like i said before, i could bring a band/DJ in if there is a call for it. I promote local bands a lot so getting someone...
  8. Boro_Morrissey

    The Middlesbrough Aftershow Party - The Centrel

    Hey People, The Middlesbrough Aftershow Party is now all sorted. It will be held in the Central, which is directly opposite the Town Hall. The entrance charge will be £3 on the door, with Advinced tickets being available from the venue (and myself) before the doors open at the town hall for...
  9. Boro_Morrissey

    I think you may like this one...Junior Elvis (Not an Elvis tribute ;))

    Hey people. I band from were i live (Teesside) have just got back together, there called Junior Elvis, there very Morrissey/Moby esk. Anyway just wanted to link ya a track to see what you think. Middleman - Junior Elvis.
  10. Boro_Morrissey

    Morrissey/Smiths tribute

    Hey people, are there any Morrissey or Smiths tribute bands biased in the North East, im looking to book one, but i need to find one as close as possible to try and keep costs low (its for a new club, so we don't know how well it will go down). Anyone if anyone knows one, please let me know...
  11. Boro_Morrissey

    Middlesbrough aftershow party.

    Thanks very much for the feedback, i will let you lot known when it's sorted.
  12. Boro_Morrissey

    Middlesbrough aftershow party.

    I would happily do it, i was just thinking of trying to do something to make sure people come, i want to try do something that stands out and get's people to come.
  13. Boro_Morrissey

    Quarry - York Aftershow Event - 25th June

    Could be intrested, what's the crack with it? Moz/Smiths DJ set? Might just do it :D.
  14. Boro_Morrissey

    Middlesbrough aftershow party.

    I'm working to get the right venue at the moment, im after something right close to the town hall. I think we have somewere, will let you lot know as soon as i know. Do you think i should try and get someone to come up like Garry Day or summit? Just know there are a few old "Sidemen" that do...
  15. Boro_Morrissey

    Middlesbrough aftershow party.

    Just a daft idea i had, just want to make it a special night and get everyone down. Cheers for the feedback mind, it is much welcome. If anyone has any ideas on what they would like to see let me know and i will try and make it happen. Seeing Morrissey in my town was something i never...
  16. Boro_Morrissey

    Middlesbrough aftershow party.

    Hey people. I'm a promoter from Middlesbrough. I was wondering if any of you whom are coming to the boro show would be interested in a Morrissey after show party at a venue close to the town hall once the show is done? Just i'm contemplation running one. Booking a Moz/Smiths tribute band...
  17. Boro_Morrissey

    2020 live dates

    Re: 2011 live dates I know SeeTickets are sending there's out as of the 4th don't know if thats the plan for the venue and Ticketmaster also.
  18. Boro_Morrissey

    More UK dates; band line up from TTY

    Tickets on sale tomorow then de we thing?
  19. Boro_Morrissey

    More UK Dates - Band line up - from TTY

    Should we expect the tickets to go on sale tomorow? The boro box office is open at 10. But the site has no news of a gig there as of yet. Reckon its going to be like the last dates, no one knows when to sell the tickets lol. Carnt wait. Matt.
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