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  1. Mrs. Phyllis Torgo

    "The Smiths: Better than the Beatles?" - Salon article, interview with Tony Fletcher

    Whether they're the best or not (whatever that means) can be debated, but I think the Smiths are certainly more unique and less imitable than the Beatles.
  2. Mrs. Phyllis Torgo

    Johnny Marr with Dinosaur Jr playing "The Boy With The Thorn..."; other news

    Re: Johnny Marr with Dinosaur Jr playing "The boy with the thorn..." and "The Wagon" Besides being unlistenable, that band feels like the antithesis of everything Johnny Marr is about: Marshalls stacked to the ceiling, distorted to oblivion, loud for the sake of being loud, sloppy...
  3. Mrs. Phyllis Torgo

    Your Favourite Morrissey Pictures

    morrissey on pop quiz. never seen him make this face before. almost looks like an entirely different person.
  4. Mrs. Phyllis Torgo

    TTY ~ Morrissey returns to England due to his mother's illness

    one thing you can afford to lose is pronouncing any word that ends with an "-A" as "-ER" (like "Obama" becomes "Obamer", "Libya" becomes "Libbyer"). You have to be the only dialect in the entire world that can take the soft "a" sound, the most beautiful linguistic sound known to man and make it...
  5. Mrs. Phyllis Torgo

    TTY ~ Morrissey returns to England due to his mother's illness

    Anyone who knows Moz's personal history knows how important his mom is to him. She introduced him to Oscar Wilde and the concept of animal rights. She supported him no matter what he did (and pretty much spoiled him). She's handled all his business affairs since the Smiths and I think still...
  6. Mrs. Phyllis Torgo

    Morrissey interview in The Columbus Dispatch

    "Obama ought to have handed the baton to Hillary Clinton. But people never give up power, do they?" Laughed pretty hard at this. Hillary is further to the right and more hawkish than even Romney. If Hillary was president we'd already be at war with Iran. It's pretty bleak. Especially for...
  7. Mrs. Phyllis Torgo

    Introducing my new Morrissey Radio

    Seems to have a very good variety of songs. On my first play I got several Morrissey studio songs, one Smiths studio song, one Smiths John Peel session, two Smiths live bootlegs (both from 'Thank Your Lucky Stars'), an Eddi Reader cover of "Last Night I Dreamt...", and finally... a Radiohead...
  8. Mrs. Phyllis Torgo

    Morrissey 'The Duets' LP

    This would only work if Moz played the role of Jane Birkin, and Adele the part of Serge.
  9. Mrs. Phyllis Torgo

    Morrissey's Autobiography - What Will He Reveal?

    Everything Morrissey does is about politics. And sex. The only two things that matter in this world. If it's not graphically sexual, it better be graphically political.
  10. Mrs. Phyllis Torgo

    Morrissey interview in Cult Montreal

    "Why would I make music with people I don’t know? It would be a bit like me becoming part of a reformed Led Zeppelin — it’s that remote." Might be the most hyperbolic thing that Mr. Hyperbole has ever said about reuniting the Smiths. He performed with the same 3 band members for 5 years and...
  11. Mrs. Phyllis Torgo

    Mike Joyce - Twitter based Moz Love-in

    "Yeah, I always thought he was the weak link in the band..." this has to be sarcastic. right? he's kind of complimented his lyrics before:
  12. Mrs. Phyllis Torgo

    Would a Smiths reunion be a good thing?

    I'm ambivalent about it. It sounds awesome, but I know it would be anticlimactic and unsatisfying like every rock reunion in history. Its kind of like what Jack White said when the White Stripes broke up "I can only imagine the reason [we'd reunite] being if we went bankrupt or really needed the...
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