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  1. ChicagoGuy

    TTY: Morrissey - Four International awards, and statement

    I wonder what Morrissey's thoughts are on that dentist (Walter Palmer) that killed Cecil the Lion? Kimmel got choked up last night when dedicating part of his monologue to Cecil and perhaps Jimmy K has changed his opinion about having savages (like the Duck Dynasty rednecks) on his program...
  2. ChicagoGuy

    Morrissey on "The Tonight Show" with Jimmy Fallon (June 25, 2015) - reminder / reports

    That picture was probably taken during a sound check or rehearsal.
  3. ChicagoGuy

    Bono pays tribute to Morrissey during a U2 concert

    That is certainly your opinion, but I believe that Morrissey is still creating some of his best music. Staircase is an amazing song...
  4. ChicagoGuy

    New email interviews coming? (Alternative Nation, Huffington Post)

    I asked about whether or not he would do a book signing while in the states....
  5. ChicagoGuy

    TTY: Congratulations to Ireland

    Does anyone have a video of "My Dearest Love"?
  6. ChicagoGuy

    Istanbul audience members fight for shirt video -

    Wow...I was at that show, but not close enough to witness the scrum for his shirt. The one thing I remember about that show was that it seemed that the stage invader pissed off Moz so much that he cut his encore short. One song seemed like a let-down to me. I think the invader kind of knocked...
  7. ChicagoGuy

    Istanbul audience members fight for shirt video -

    Has anyone come away with a fully-intact shirt after he thew it into the crowd?
  8. ChicagoGuy

    We'll let you know Sounds/Samples?

    Does anyone know where the sounds (samples) are coming from in "We'll let you know"? I was listening to it today and it's pretty cool.
  9. ChicagoGuy

    Morrissey spotted at LAX

    Doesn't he ever just visit Chicago? He could hang with me...
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