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  1. Mrs. Phyllis Torgo

    Article: TTY: Mania at Morrissey concert in Hull, 18 September​ 2015; UK record labels remain 'not i

    It's quite ironic that I feel the exact same cognitive dissonance about being a fan of my local sports teams as I do about being a fan of Morrissey. Both have fans that I would sooner see driven off a cliff than ever have to associate myself with them.
  2. Mrs. Phyllis Torgo

    Nashville, TN - Ryman Auditorium (July 3, 2015) post-show

    A great cover song selection for a change.
  3. Mrs. Phyllis Torgo

    Atlanta, GA - Atlanta Symphony Hall (June 13, 2015) post-show

    Good god, how far does this asinine logic go? When you're defending household pests, you're really walking a fine line between animal rights advocacy and mental illness. Morrissey refuses to take a shower or wash his hands because of all the innocent bacteria and microorganisms that will be...
  4. Mrs. Phyllis Torgo

    TTY: Morrissey will headline the FYF Festival in Los Angeles (Sunday 23 August)

    All of you that will have to sit through all that boring hipster horseshit before getting to Morrissey, you have my sympathies. Death Grips... ughhhh. Might as well have Insane Clown Posse
  5. Mrs. Phyllis Torgo

    Future Islands announced as support for Red Rocks concert (Morrison, CO, July 16, 2015)

    Wow, finally a decent support act!? When's the last time this happened?
  6. Mrs. Phyllis Torgo

    Murcia - SOS 4.8 2015 (May 1, 2015) post-show

    edit: nm, the Dick Gregory pic already addressed.
  7. Mrs. Phyllis Torgo

    Amanda Palmer on supporting Morrissey

    Amanda Palmer is nauseating. San Jose, you have my sympathy.
  8. Mrs. Phyllis Torgo

    US tour announced -

    Fool me four times... Why can't the tour ever start in Chicago?
  9. Mrs. Phyllis Torgo

    Cardiff - Motorpoint Arena (Mar. 18, 2015) post-show

    Then what would be a proportionately misogynist word?
  10. Mrs. Phyllis Torgo

    Cardiff - Motorpoint Arena (Mar. 18, 2015) post-show

    Re: Article: Cardiff - Motorpoint Arena (Mar.18, 2015) post-show The new single from Oedipussey
  11. Mrs. Phyllis Torgo

    Morrissey to play two shows in Spain in May -

    Speak for yourself. I'd prefer a shortened set to one padded with shit like "To Give" and the lesser tracks from WPINOYB.
  12. Mrs. Phyllis Torgo

    TTY statement: Iceland

    Laughable. Remember the big stink he made over Staples Center 2013? McDonalds was closed, but they still served meat at concession stands. If it were a smaller venue, he would have cancelled. One can only turn a blind eye to his farcical hypocrisies for so long. He decries human rights...
  13. Mrs. Phyllis Torgo

    TTY statement: Iceland

    Translation: they won't pay him enough. His hypocrisy is thicker than a tender, juicy filet.
  14. Mrs. Phyllis Torgo

    Final 2014 dates; two Holland dates postponed to 2015 -

    Very good point. It's amazing how many dedicated members he has from tour to tour given what they're putting up with; namely, trudging through the less interesting/sparser portions of the United States and Europe to only find most of the dates cancelled. Being forced to wear the dumbass t-shirts...
  15. Mrs. Phyllis Torgo

    Athens postponed

    You people know that if the show gets cancelled you get your money back, right?
  16. Mrs. Phyllis Torgo

    London - O2 Arena (Nov. 29, 2014) post-show

    Damn. Lookin good. Been doing some bicycle crunches, Moz?
  17. Mrs. Phyllis Torgo

    Antwerp - Stadsschouwburg (Nov. 26, 2014) post-show

    Besides the fact that it was used as a hashtag rallying cry, the fact of whether or not his hands were up is irrelevant. The fact was that he was unarmed and fleeing. You can't shoot an unarmed, fleeing person. And your point about the blood trail is asinine. So a person gets shot and flees, but...
  18. Mrs. Phyllis Torgo

    Essen - Colosseum (Nov. 24, 2014) post-show

    It's no less awkward than living day-to-day in a country which has spilled (and aided the spillage of) the blood of countless, innocent millions of people in your name with your tax dollars. A murderous legacy to which you enjoy the inheritance. Pick your battles.
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