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    For sale: signed 'Autobiography' from 2013 + Peepholism

    FOR SALE (together OR individually) x1 - Signed MORRISSEY 'Autobiography' won in competition at Waterstones (Deansgate, Manchester) in December 2013 (I can provide an image from on the day of purchase, if this helps verify). Perfect condition, has been stored securely in container since 2013...
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    FOR SALE - Morrissey 'Autobiography' SIGNED This is a SIGNED first edition paperback of Morrissey's "Autobiography" on Penguin Classics. It was won by myself on 20th December 2013 in a competition that the Deansgate, Manchester branch of...
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    For Sale - 'Your Arsenal' PROMO CD/DVD set w/Press Release Mint ENDS TONIGHT
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    Signed Morrissey "Autobiography" For Sale (Based in Manchester)

    Won one of the signed Morrissey books in Manchester, Deansgate Waterstones. Decided to sell it as, much as I love Moz, I could completely do with the money. Big signature, looks great. Pictures tow, but does anyone have any offers for purchase? Serious contenders only. Will post worldwide or...
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    x1 Morrissey 25:Live at Manchester Cornerhouse ticket, cheap

    Hi, I work in Manchester city centre and I can't make Moz 25:Live at Cornerhouse on Monday night anymore so I've a ticket for grabs. I only want £4 for it, which is half face value, I just don't want to waste it really. I'll be in town today (24th) and tomorrow (25th) so if you want it text me...
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    Everyday Is Like Sunday poster for sale

    How much is this for mate? And where is the item based? I'm in the Manchester area Fergal
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    Want to buy a Morrissey poster

    Alright, Moving to a new house and I'm after a Moz poster for it. All the ones on eBay are a bit bland and crap, does anyone have a good or interesting or uninteresting Morrissey poster for sale? All the best F
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    Morrissey Canvas Painting For Sale

    Hello, FOR SALE is a canvas painting - done to an exceptionally high standard - of Morrissey from the Ringleader of the Tormentors tour. Size is somewhere between A4 and A3 and the pictures are below. e-mail me at [email protected] if you're interested. Will post but I could meet to give...
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    'Famous When Dead' badge
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    1x standing ticket for leeds

    Have just messaged you mate
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    x1 Standing Leeds ticket WANTED

    x1 Standing ticket for LEEDS ACADEMY on THURSDAY Willing to buy for realistic price, any offers email me at [email protected] OR text me at 07588555819. Can meet at venue, Manchester city centre or will pay for postage. FERGAL
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    Glastonbury DVD FULL SET £6.99

    Look on eBay, it's good
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    'Mozzer Posse' t-shirt in large for sale

    For sale: Size large, bought from America. All offers sent to [email protected] Paypal accepted, fine to post abroad too. Thanks.
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    Introducing morrissey dvd

    Alright, this has probably been asked countless times on here, BUT Can anyone supply me a copy of "Introducing Morrissey" on DVD?? And for what price and that? Thanks Fergal
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    Courteeners Liverpool WANTED

    I don't, I'm afraid, but try the forum, theres usually tickets floating about on there and theres a strictly face value policy Hope sumat comes up for you, I've secured my ticket
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