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  1. Stanley the 2nd

    Jonathan Ross name drops Morrissey in Guardian interview

    I think there could be an opening for Morrissey to become Wossy's comedy sidekick on the new show. And when I say opening it isn't meant in a sexual way, though I'm sure certain people might enjoy that!!
  2. Stanley the 2nd

    Is 'Crash' the inspiration for 'There Is A Light That Never Goes Out'?

    I like a bit of JG Ballard and I've never heard Morrissey name check him in an interview. Don't think it was an influence for the song but I could be wrong.
  3. Stanley the 2nd

    Morrissey: Norway massacre is "nothing" compared to the actions of fast food chains

    Just when you thought Morrissey couldn't make himself look like an even bigger prick...... 2011 will go down as the year when he finally lost what little credibility he had. No justification for this later outburst. Try telling this to the parents of the innocent who were murdered. Maybe we...
  4. Stanley the 2nd

    What if Morrissey met Jesse Tobias in 1991?

    Morrissey's loss is Alanis' gain? Whatver happened to her? So, is Alain totally off the scene these days? I would be a bit pissed off if I supplied all the best tunes and wasn't allowed to play on the recording sessions.
  5. Stanley the 2nd

    Should Morrissey Have Called It A Day After "You Are The Quarry" ?

    Morrissey has definitely approached the fat Elvis period in his career. He's got the Las Vegas backing band. Yeah, with hindsight he should have thrown the towel in after quarry. Gone out on a high. Life is a Pigsty is the only decent track after Quarry.
  6. Stanley the 2nd - is history repeating itself?

    I had a thought the other day - didn't the girls who used to run the site have a similar experience with Morrissey that Davidt has just had? For those of you who might have forgotten, morrisseytour was a website set up around the time of the 1999 tour and was a like a tour...
  7. Stanley the 2nd

    Goodbye Morrissey

    I feel your pain. I think a lot of people are thinking the same thing at the moment. After the recent antics of banning Davidt my waning enthusiasm for Morrissey has turned into not really feeling bothered anymore. After the brilliant Quarry comeback the quality of Morrissey's recorded output...
  8. Stanley the 2nd

    Morrissey to publish autobiography in December 2012

    Something to read on Christmas day after lunch. Not too sure I would want to read it as I have a feeling getting inside Morrissey's head might not be a pleasant experience...
  9. Stanley the 2nd

    Morrissey interview on; to publish autobiography in December 2012

    I wouldn't want to be standing anywhere near Morrissey when he has a climax that has been 30 years in the making....
  10. Stanley the 2nd

    What next for Morrissey?

    What is going to happen next in Morrissey world? Since the start of the current tour we've had all manner of bizarre episodes. The Janice Long session with mixed feedback, meeting Joey Barton, the solow t-shirt, being bitten by a dog, Davidt being ejected from a concert and finally the banning...
  11. Stanley the 2nd

    Morrissey fans searched for meat before gig - The Daily Mirror

    The last Moz show I attended was Salisbury a few months back. Security was OTT and everyone was frisked entering the venue. I though maybe Morrissey was on the al qaeda hitlist at the time. Absolutely pathetic if this meat story is true. I thought we were living in a democracy and not Stalinist...
  12. Stanley the 2nd

    Morrissey bans owner davidt from concerts for life

    To quote one of your songs - "if you don't like me, then don't look at me" Maybe Morrissey can apply that logic to this site. Jo Stalin would be turning in his grave if he was aware of such censorship. I'm with Davidt on not attending any more Moz shows. It's more to do with having to pay £40...
  13. Stanley the 2nd

    Footie ace Joey meets idol Morrissey - The Sun

    Reader meet Author. I personally wouldn't want to meet thug Barton but each to their own.
  14. Stanley the 2nd

    Time to Hire a Songwriter?!

    Morrissey is on a downward spiral, make no mistake. I've just watched the recent performance of you're the one for me fatty on youtube and I reckon I could play a better guitar solo than that cloth eared lump called Jesse. I couldn't match the macho posturing though which would go against me. Oh...
  15. Stanley the 2nd

    Joyce Michael slags off Morrissey's Smiths covers at Glastonbury

    Re: NME readers respond to Joyce's twitter posting about Morrissey's cover versions.. I can sort of see where Joyce is coming from. To be a part of the Smiths must have been amazing and then to see the current line up "covering" your songs would make you wince a bit...
  16. Stanley the 2nd

    Stop giving out about the band murdering This Charming Man

    "its target market appears to be people who heard the Smiths and thought: if only this stuff was less beautifully nuanced and original, a bit more ungainly and predictable, then we'd really be getting somewhere."
  17. Stanley the 2nd

    has morrissey become deluded?

    you don't agree with me. Please explain this or are you another clone fan who cannot see the woods for the trees? interesting.
  18. Stanley the 2nd

    Time to Hire a Songwriter?!

    Tears of happiness thinking about all the money he will make from the latest volume of greatest hits?
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