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    TTY: The Dairy Industry Explained In 5 Minutes​

    I don't know what he had in Rome but there are tons of vegan dairy alternatives for 'ice cream.' The best, IMO is 'coconut bliss' - but you can make your own by freezing bananas, adding some non-dairy milk and fresh fruit and sticking it in a food processor
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    TTY: Morrissey y Malvinas

    Without taking sides, that is irrelevant to Argentinas claim. From your link The Spanish took control of Port Saint Louis and renamed it Puerto Soledad in 1767. On 10 June 1770, a Spanish expedition expelled the British colony at Port Egmont, and Spain took de facto control of the Islands...
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    TTY: Bombing Syria Is None Of Your Business - art piece by Sam Esty Rayner

    People have been banned from this site for trolling?
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    TTY: Morrissey, tonight in Sao Paulo

    I didn't say *you* made the claim. I'm saying your definition of 'burdon of proof' is not right. Whether I agree/disagree with the meme or think that Morrissey is behind every post is irrelevant to the point I'm making.
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    TTY: Morrissey, tonight in Sao Paulo

    Of course it's not. The burdon of proof is the on the one making the claim. If the claim is that Morrissey is behind every post on TTY than it's up to the person making that claim to prove it. It's not on the person asking for it to be quantified to prove them wrong.
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    TTY: PETA comments on David Cameron 'performing sexual act on a dead pig'

    I agree. If you choose to kill an animal for your pleasure (food/clothing etc) is it too much to afford it a little dignity in death?
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    Mike Joyce posts photos of Morrissey's handwritten lyrics for "The Headmaster Ritual" on Facebook

    I love the idea of assigning a % to each Smith. I'd go with: Morrissey - 40% Marr - 35% Rourke - 20% Joyce - 5% Sorry Mike.
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    BBC 6 Music Don Letts' Crucial Vinyl is The Smiths' 'The Queen Is Dead'

    Don Letts is a very underrated lyricist. Some of the stuff he wrote for BAD and Screaming Target was excellent. His radio shows are always worth a listen
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    "Kiss Me A Lot" artwork -

    I'm still hoping it's a live version or something
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    "Kiss Me A Lot" artwork -

    Maybe a dumb question, but iTunes only? The only Windows box I have is for work and there's no way to install software on it (no Mac either)
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    Vince Eager on being on Morrissey's funeral list

    The b-side was Vince Eager's version, not a cover
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    Sparks on Morrissey kinship - Billboard

    Obviously music is subjective, but you're so wrong here :-)
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    Johnny Marr - "The Smiths Are Dead" - Loaded Magazine

    I think they do know his DoB but, like you said, the poor writing makes it unclear: "Marr turns 51 at the end of this month" "he’s just finished making Playland – his second solo album." Playland came out in October/November so presumably the interview was also in October
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