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    "Madness stars still angry over Morrissey gig walkout" - Daily Express

    fair enough... apologies. I assumed you were an admin/mod. I maintain that the tone of a(ny) site comes from the top down as to what will or will not be accepted though.
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    "Madness stars still angry over Morrissey gig walkout" - Daily Express

    I didn't post any hate and abuse towards Skinny. As a moderator though he should understand that he sets the tone.
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    "Madness stars still angry over Morrissey gig walkout" - Daily Express

    There's a difference between criticism and abuse. The fact you don't differentiate is the reason this site is seen as a place of hate.
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    Morrissey "likely" to be on Jonathan Ross's chat show soon, according to @wossy tweet

    An interview would be nice... Woss would be seen as "friendly" so hopefully it can happen.
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    Joe Chiccarelli discusses recording "World Peace..." in Mix (Aug. 2014)

    I don't think timing would stop any label from trying to extract more money where possible
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    Morrissey Hot Press magazine interview out now

    There's no real flow to the questions and answers so I'm assuming it was not done in person but via email (or is that obvious?) - in person would presumably have included fresh photographs
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    Identification of Bradley Steyn -

    I've never condoned the publishing of Steyn's pseudonyms, the FB link or the posting of anything abusive. Just pointing out that abuse happens on this site and it's called 'free speech.' To complain about one and not the other is a double-standard.
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    Identification of Bradley Steyn -

    Just read the first few comments. People are interpreting it as a go-ahead to abuse Steyn on facebook (via a nod and a wink rather than a directive) and saying how wrong that would be. Yet the moderation on here is tacit approval for the go-ahead to abuse Morrissey and his family.
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    Identification of Bradley Steyn -

    Another fallacious argument. When did I say that was OK? But please clarify your position on this... do you think it's acceptable to allow comments like that?
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    Identification of Bradley Steyn -

    Fallacious argument (straw man) - I have made no comment on what TTY posted.
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    Identification of Bradley Steyn -

    I'm saying the feigned concern for the harassment of Steyn (not necessarily by you) is laughable when this site does nothing to moderate comments that have wished death or cancer on Morrissey and his family (and those are literal examples, not hyperbole)
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    Istanbul 7" single on HMV Japan (release date Sept 2014)

    Is it the other voices in your head that are asking "what do you listen to"?
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    "World Peace..." enters US Billboard Album Chart at #14 (updated)

    #14 *is* an admirable chart position. His 3rd highest in the US.
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    "World Peace..." review by Marc Hogan - Pitchfork

    With 4 stars (out of 5) you can say (or something close to it): 1 = disaster 2 = bad 3 = average 4 = good 5 = excellent To come up with such a level of granularity to say "5.9" is just bizarre to me. Make it a 6 and be done with it. What would it need to be a 6? I'm not bashing the...
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    "World Peace..." review by Marc Hogan - Pitchfork

    I love the seemingly arbitrary nature of the score. 5.9. Why not 5.8 or 6?
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    "World Peace..." reviews at (3/5 stars), Chicago Reader

    "one of rock's most idiosyncratic lyricists rhymes "babies" with "rabies,"" Aimee Mann did the same rhyme on "Calling It Quits" and that's a great song and lyric.
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    Morrissey "Autobiography" - indexed

    phenomenal work! Well done.
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    Boz and Wife Lyn opening record shop in Camden

    I'm impressed that Boz formed The Polecats before he even reached 10 years of age
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