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    Favorite altered lyrics

    I love this topic! My favorite line change has to be in Now My Heart Is Full, at the end of the 2004 tour, "Patrick Doonan" changed to, "Steven Patrick, raised to wait, I was tired again, so I tried again" so poignant to me for some reason. ...being at the show might have had something...
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    Dream Setlist

    This should be fun.... I Want The One I Can't Have You Have Killed Me The Youngest Was The Most Loved Interesting Drug Still Ill Bigmouth Now My Heart Is Full Jack The Ripper I Know It's Over Unloveable Alma Matters Redondo Beach Easy To Get I Just Want To See The Boy Happy Last...
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    U.S. Tour?

    Who Is Charlie Brown???? and what relation does he have to Moz?
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