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    Is this young James Maker?

    Well, whoever he is he's very good-looking anyway and lucky to be mistaken for James Maker!
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    Morrissey in Tel Aviv photo posted on Sam Esty Rayner Photography / Facebook

    Thanks lanterns for the reminder as sickening as it is, and thanks to you and Morrissey and other caring people for always thinking about the animals and standing up for them so that this horror could have an end.
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    "This Charming Morrissey – Gay Iconography" - Towleroad

    I think it is very clever to invent a word that reflects a more accurate description of yourself than the words that are already available. I love that people more and more are feeling and hopefully experiencing the freedom to live their lives being true to themselves, and maybe that naturally...
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    Morrissey turns 57 - May 22, 2016

    Happy Birthday Morrissey! Wishing you a whole year of exceptionally fantastic wonderfulness!
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    TTY: The Queen Is Dead

    This looks good - I'll try it when it's time. Thanks!
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    TTY: The Queen Is Dead

    I was wondering the same thing. If I live in the US and buy it from Amazon UK (Digital Music) will it count?
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    Morrissey at LAX leaving Los Angeles (picture and video)

    I can think of thousands and thousands of people that would have cared very much if only they could have been there - never in the right place at the right time...*sigh*, but we are caring just the same from afar! Anyway, so glad to see him looking so happy and relaxed (and gorgeous as always)...
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    My cover of "I Know It's Over"

    Really lovely! I've also enjoyed listening to your videos on YouTube. For my next life I'm hoping for a voice even half as beautiful as yours!
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    TTY: Morrissey 2016 - Apr. 2016 shows, negotiations being finalized (Asia, Puerto Rico, Venezuela)

    I didn't mean "downs" as an opinion of his work, just disappointments for Morrissey such as when his last record deal didn't go as expected and now the frustration he feels (I'm guessing) at not finding another good one so he can record new music, and maybe his disenchantment with the whole...
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    TTY: Morrissey 2016 - Apr. 2016 shows, negotiations being finalized (Asia, Puerto Rico, Venezuela)

    Are you sure? Morrissey's life seems to have been full of ups and some pretty big downs (disappointments for him), but I was thinking that presently he was experiencing one of the downs and that eventually something great would happen (or he would make it happen) and he could continue. He might...
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    TTY: The Morrissey Cloud

    Re: The Morrissey Cloud. It made me smile-I like it; it's pretty cute. He still looks like that too-handsome as ever!
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