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  1. YouSaidWhat?

    Morrissey Central: "MORRISSEY, THE MIDDLE EAST." (December 3, 2019)

    When you open your "art" gallery in your town, I wonder if you would allow any of :bow: your "followers" :bow: to do the same unto you? Get Help. You Are Sick. Stop sniffing UncleSkinny's ass and separate yourself from that disease! I can't decide which is more confusing, your reasoning or...
  2. YouSaidWhat?

    Morrissey Central: "The Guardian Strikes again... and again..." (November 24, 2019)

    MORRISSEY-SOLO's #1 TROLLMASTER using a Third Person perspective to describe himself! :crazy::crazy: this point, good ole' Grumpystiltskin may need to visit a local psychiatric ward. :hospital:
  3. YouSaidWhat?

    "Morrissey’s politics divide his LA fan base" - From Press Play (KCRW)

    TrollMaster, where would Moz-Solo be without your magniloquent posts. Back to the cave from which you slithered out of!
  4. YouSaidWhat?

    Bloc Party's Kele Okereke: “I’ve never experienced such widespread public racism” - NME

    The ONLY SAD f*** is you, UppityFallacy - you have made quite the mark on here, along with your OTHER pseudonyms - and can't fathom even the slightest of news NOT being as negative as you are to ANYONE who disagrees with you. and as such, I see you, the Supreme JACKASS, denying being a JACKASS...
  5. YouSaidWhat?

    Bigmouth strikes again: Morrissey’s racist rhetoric inspires boycott - Baltimore Sun

    WHY does it matter to you? I bet you set up ALERTS for every single post on MozSolo to see if we are going to be graced with your remarkable ineptitude On the contrary, I welcome them. I know it's a given, when checking this site, it's a guarantee you've got something NEGATIVE to say. So I...
  6. YouSaidWhat?

    Johnny plays " old favourite. The old favourite"

    on another bender ay FunkyForeskin? Sacramental Wine barrel is empty and you're the only one with drunk text remarks. :crazy:
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