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  1. YouSaidWhat?


    oh brother..... yet here you are, UlceratedSandpaper - doing the same thing you say Morrissey is doing. You slither about your loft when there's nothing to say about Morrissey, but even when something is posted, you find every way to push and press this into negativity. While the world pushes...
  2. YouSaidWhat?

    San Francisco, CA - Bill Graham Civic Auditorium (Oct. 3, 2019) post-show

    waiting........waiting for FunkySKinRash to comment.....
  3. YouSaidWhat?

    Washington Music Theater, Seattle, WA - cancelled

    FeebleShitstain has arisen from his slumber. He has made his tea, read the headline, and smiled from ear to ear. At ease, all is well with him, as he awaits the moment for the insurmountable announcement of a SMITHS REUNION. :crazy:
  4. YouSaidWhat?

    Houston White Oak show - now postponed until October 28, 2019

    ahh yes, good ole' FinkleFrostbite foraging the comments section "anonymously" :rolleyes: then in another post, you mention the IP address, you do know, with various hacks, you can create a VPN, manipulate a IP address, among other things, but maybe that's too much internet speak for yourself...
  5. YouSaidWhat?

    Vancouver, Edmonton, Calgary rescheduled to Oct. due to "medical emergency" - Ticketmaster

    It's not a Thread for Single/Multiple Cancellation(s)/Postponement(s) without FICKLESWAMPY posting. Why did you wait for the 4th page to reply? :confused: hmmmm Was it because you were waiting for your negative nancy boner :seenoevil: to come down? Back to the depths for you ole'...
  6. YouSaidWhat?

    Officially cancelled "due to illness": Morrissey at KROQ Almost Acoustic Christmas 2017 - @kroq

    oh, come now, FunkyForeskin, we know your posting habits, stop playing the Anonymous game.
  7. YouSaidWhat?

    Bad news - Philadelphia postponed "due to illness in the touring party"

    I believe most Morrissey fans now know there is a 50/50 shot at a show. Morrissey made it ten straight shows without "issues" and here comes a cancelled/postponed show and the TROLL KING comes out of hiding to make the first post on the article. :rolleyes: You've answered your own question...
  8. YouSaidWhat?

    San Antonio, TX show cancelled according to venue

    ANOTHER Cancellation? Where's FunkyForeskin's comment at? I know. He's celebrating another glorious cancellation, that gives him life, that gives him purpose to go and say and now I await FunkyForeskin and his army to cast me aside from the temple of Morrissey-Solo. Your pleas for a SMITHS...
  9. YouSaidWhat?

    Monterrey, Mexico - Teatro Banamex (Mar. 29, 2017) post-show

    You are beating on a dead horse :horseface:, dam near disgusting. :crazy: Half of your posts are just utter nonsense, but occasionally, you raise the alarm bells of pure stupidity at an alarming level. Keep them coming :unamused: Don't you just love Anonymous keyboard warriors? trying to...
  10. YouSaidWhat?

    TTY: Morrissey schedule (CA, AZ, TX dates; photomontage of Huey Newton by SER)

    the Observatory OC "grounds" - and if you ask, well what's just east of the venue? it's a Home Depot Hub/Warehouse.
  11. YouSaidWhat?

    TTY: Morrissey schedule (CA, AZ, TX dates; photomontage of Huey Newton by SER)

    WWWY Festival - should be renamed the Observatory OC parking lot festival. There is essentially no "Observatory Grounds", google the venue, it's next door to a medical office building. The Observatory OC has attempted to have "festivals" before, and as notorious as they are when they double book...
  12. YouSaidWhat?

    Errr...what? - The Smiths Reunion tour - date advertised for Florence, Italy, Sat 15th July 2017

    "Don't regale me, I'm the KING of the Morrissey-Solo Forums!" while everyone else reacts to this "proclamation" with:
  13. YouSaidWhat?

    Errr...what? - The Smiths Reunion tour - date advertised for Florence, Italy, Sat 15th July 2017

    That was December 3.:handpointup: This was December 21. :handpointdown: Wondering which is worse, UncleForeskin's penchant for a Smiths' Reunion OR Continuing his criticism of the solo career of Morrissey. Plot thickens.... #UNTILNEXTTIME
  14. YouSaidWhat?

    TTY: THERE IS A LIGHT THAT NOW GOES OUT - final six rescheduled US dates cancelled

    Oh, so the cat is out of the barf bag for UncleForeskin. Patiently waiting like Gollum, for his precious, that being a beggar for a "ReUnion" of sorts. Keep dreaming, ScratchAndSniff, and keep filling these boards with your Holier Than Thou attitude, it keeps YOUR followers salivating. so...
  15. YouSaidWhat?

    Yokohama show cancelled due to "logistical issues" - Creativeman Productions (Oct. 1, 2016)

    ah, the usual :drama: from FunkyForeskin.................... :crazy:.......... ............:thumb:
  16. YouSaidWhat?

    TTY: Morrissey show in Manchester (Aug. 20, 2016; on sale Fri.)

    Blinded Acolytes? I have 20/20 vision so I am not blind. I do respect those that are religious, but I am not religious, so I could not be an acolyte (by one definition of the word). UncleSkinny, all you do is nitpick everything :swear that is related to Morrissey. Then when you're feeling down...
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