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    There Is A Light That Never Goes Out the music of The Smiths & Morrissey

    Promotional double CD, one with songs of The Smiths and other with Morrisey songs. Edited by Warner/Chapelle in 2004. Made to promote the music of The Smiths and Morrissey for the TV and movie industry. Cover photo by Greg Norman. Lookin to sell avoiding ebay , Pm any offers , Near Mint...
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    Hi , I bought a rank DAT from Gareth in 2013 - 07982 654195 If this helps Regards
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    Viva Hate Vinyl Misspress for sale

    im gonna sell my girlfriend in a coma 12 inch , but put it in my shoplifters sleeve , thats gotta be worth a fortune , right ?
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    Morrissey 'Glamorous Glue' Stateside Promo 7" (SS 2242) Rare
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    Rank Mispress Sleeve and White Label
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    Signed 7" Ask for sale

    Cheers for clearing that up madasun makes perfect sense , and please dont send me shitty private emails !
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    Signed 7" Ask for sale

    Go on then Madasun please explain i am waiting
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    'Autobiography' Promo Poster Dont think it would see for much , if you cant get a free one !
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    Does this look any better ?
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    Also if you look at both the R in MORRISSEY you can see they have been " drawn " in 3 sections , you can see where the pen has touched the sleeve then gone downwards . not good im afraid
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    Morrissey / The Smiths - Have-a-go-merchant 7" promo mint sleeve & unplayed again

    Does anybody have an idea why this item has appeared on Ebay about 5 times recently by the same seller Always being relisted Sold for £80 - relisted Sold for £160 - relisted Buy it now £99 - no sale - relisted Buy it kow £125 no sale - relisted Buyer says he has a few copies , yet...
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    Morrissey Wall Clock for sale - Everyday is like Sunday! Brilliant piece!

    Unique and quirky item that will definitely catch the eye. No-one will have one of these and would make a great talking point! Would make an ideal gift... If you can part with it once you see it. Hmmmmmm , if No-one will have on of these how did you ever get one for sale ?
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    MEN Tickets , Why ?

    I took the day off work today to sort some stuff out , but also to get some tickets to the MEN gig , had two screens up on the computer , gigs and tours and ticketmaster , logged in at 8.55 , refreshed the page " SOLD OUT " for standing tickets , a few hours later this crap is listed on EBAY its...
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