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  1. Stanley the 2nd

    Steve Diggle (Buzzcocks) Mentions Morrissey In His Book

    I didn't think Morrissey liked using the phone?! I thought faxes were the way forward....
  2. Stanley the 2nd

    What do you think of the new Morrissey single, "I'm throwing my arms around Paris"?

    Re: What do you think of the new Morrissey single, "I'm throwing my arms around Paris In fairness it's better musically than lyrically. The clarinet sounds good and the single as a whole is quite pleasant as far as the instrumentation goes. The problem for me is lyrically it is Morrissey by...
  3. Stanley the 2nd

    Steve Lillywhite talks about 'Vauxhall and I' on NPR Radio

    I'd take Vauxhall over a Smiths album any day of the week. It simply won't be bettered. I like the production on Southpaw as well as it had a distinct sound. As far as Maladjusted goes, the jury is still out but that might change if Kit appears on the re-release.
  4. Stanley the 2nd

    did The Smiths do a cover of Across The Universe?

    I've not heard of this but I did hear a story that they covered "I'm so tired" from the white album. Apparently the first 4 bars were accidentally wiped by a studio engineer...... would love to hear it.
  5. Stanley the 2nd

    How Will You Listen To YOR?

    Jokes aside, I will probably listen to it in my car. On reflection I'm quite curious to hear it but the fact it has 2 old singles on it has dampened my enthusiasm somewhat.
  6. Stanley the 2nd

    How Will You Listen To YOR?

    With my fingers in my ears....
  7. Stanley the 2nd

    '97-'04: The Lost Years ?

    Personally I really enjoyed the so called lost years. The frustrating thing was the lack of record releases and new material until the 2002 tour. Looking back there was very little news worthy items on this site and to be fair it must have taken a lot of dedication to keep it going. I seem to...
  8. Stanley the 2nd

    New Era for Morrissey

    I think the way forward for Morrissey is to attract teenagers and younger fans. Possbly, dare I say it, the Morrissey fan of old has probably moved on in some ways and no longer goes to see him play live and now buys the odd album. I'd include myself in that category to some extent. There is...
  9. Stanley the 2nd

    Morrissey Brixton 95

    That's a great spot. Has made my evening (sad I know). That was my first ever moz show and I remember the tug of war to get a piece of his shirt, not that I took part. Will see if I can persuade the person with the video to put some more videos up. Ace!
  10. Stanley the 2nd

    The Draize Train

    Maybe Moz could do a cover of Bryan Ferry's Right Stuff?
  11. Stanley the 2nd

    Morrissey Spotted In Manchester!

    What sort of shoes was Jimmy Nail wearing?
  12. Stanley the 2nd

    Moz profile in 'GQ' Dec.'08

    Thanks for putting up the scans. It saves me the hassle of actually having to buy a copy! I used to have a subscription a few years back but I lost interest after a while as the quality of the articles started going down hill. Nowadays you have to wade through about 50 pages of advertisements...
  13. Stanley the 2nd

    Morrissey Spotted In Manchester!

    I thought he'd be more of a Waitrose man than Sainsburys. Keep it real Steven.
  14. Stanley the 2nd

    Maladjusted re-release..

    Who would want a remastered Maladjusted?! I've got better things to spend my money on. Add the unreleased Kit and I suddenly become interested. The remaster on it's own will surely be the lowest charting Morrissey release ever!
  15. Stanley the 2nd

    Morrissey stubs toe

    Surely his Oscar Wilde style velvet slippers would have taken most of the impact?
  16. Stanley the 2nd

    We all know it will never happen but what if?

    It would be a dilema but I would probably give it a miss. I'd rather have the memory of the Smiths as they were, not the bunch of middle aged men that they are now. Of course I would watch the videos on youtube etc but wouldn't really fancy the spectacle first hand. What I would like to see...
  17. Stanley the 2nd

    The Years of Refusal 'campaign'; what happens next?

    My original post was a little tongue in check. I was just implying that Morrissey would go down the same route of promoting this album as he has for the previous two albums. As for the number one single, we live in hope! Will be interesting to see what is said on the Janice Long interview...
  18. Stanley the 2nd

    J. Marr Story Of The Guitar

    Re: Johnny Marr on The Story of the Guitar I couldn't have imagined him sitting there playing Smiths songs ten years ago. He's obviously mellowed out over the past few years. How naff was the Edge though?! I can't help but think of Bill Bailey's comedy sketch on him playing U2 songs! Once you...
  19. Stanley the 2nd

    Mobster Mozzer #9

    How many clubs has the Moz had an allegiance to then? Off the top of my head - Man Ure West Ham Utd QPR Chivas Millwall Brondesbury Park Ladies Can you add anymore teams to this list????
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