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  1. YouSaidWhat?

    TTY: Morrissey, tonight in Sao Paulo

    I didn't get into his music because of his views/politics, I genuinely like his music, despite what Morrissey says from time to time. Funny how you say that Morrissey is 180° different from the good 'ol days.....yet you praise WPINOYB? ↑↑ Amazing, you complain about the influence a...
  2. YouSaidWhat?

    TTY: All The Fun Of The Circus

    UncleSkinny and Crystal(Meth)Geezer we need your guidance, as it is quite obvious from your posts, you've captured the sensationalism surrounding the tragedy in Paris, but passively IGNORE other tragedies that have happened just because Morrissey spoke of something in a "shocking" coincidence...
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