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    Signed Morrissey tambourine, extremely rare

    I have one of those signed shirts,my one was from Boston USA I bought it from someone who won a competition to meet the band it cost around £100 with postage,
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    Record store 7" box sets release 11/5/19

    hi,record store has the two box sets of singles advertised for sale on the 11/5/19 at £37.99 if anyone is interested.
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    California Son test pressings

    The email I received quoted 100 copies and while I missed out on the UK sale I bought one from the USA and it cost with postage $114,some may say it's too much but I like these objects,artefacts?
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    Morrisseys’ shirt to sell

    What a fantastic signed shirt,I am so jealous of the stuff people have
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    Looking to buy 7" promos

    Hi,if anyone has any 7" promos available for sale I would be interested,please contact me,thank you
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    Every UK Morrissey 12 " vinyl for sale - money raised to go to refugee charity in the UK

    I am very interested,if you could send me details of what you have and a price hopefully we can do some business
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    Tickets needed

    Hi,I went back and there were tickets available from men arena ,so I have my hotel and train booked whoo hoo see you all there
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    Tickets needed

    hi,apparently the standing tickets sold out in 5 minutes and I missed out,if anyone has 2 spare I would be grateful,thanks
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    tickets for the palladium

    hi i i have just checked seetickets and gigandtours and they have tickets for the palladium availible hope this helps someone
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    Bona Drag signed pre-order

    thaNk you steve,i missed out also but congrats to those who did not,i heard too late but thats just the way it goes
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    smiths cd box set

    hi,i have just ordered the smiths cd box set from zavvi for i think a very reasonalbe £13.93,i thought that some people here might want to know
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    2 standing Royal Albert hall tickets for sale

    if the tickets become availible phone me 07971864819
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