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    Morrissey's 12-inch Singles

    Our Frank ! and Interlude Do they count ?
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    The Smiths or Morrissey collection

    Hi , I have been collecting The Smiths and Morrissey for around the last 20 years now and have a question for fellow collectors. I am looking to sell either my Smiths collection to fund bigger / more valuable Morrissey collection TP , Promos ETC or sell Morrissey to fund smiths Collection...
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    Post your Morrissey Autographs

    Cheers Mr M i do like it , No Elephant6ers i bought it from a record store in early 2000 who said it was genuine !
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    Top 100 Record Collector Pages Scans

    Page 1 , Numbers 100 - 84 Page 2 Numbers 83 - 69 Page 3 Numbers 68 - 53 Page 4 Numbers 52 - 40 Page 5 Numbers 39 - 25
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    Updated Top 100 Smiths rarities in Record Collector (Feb. 2014)

    Re: Smiths Top 100 Record Collector March 2014 The HIG 83 Pressing is only valued at £1800 in the new Price Guide 2014 !
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    I need history on this, can't find on internet

    I wish i had an attic like yours ! Very nice stuff indeed , is it going on Ebay or shall i just give you 50 quid for the lot now !
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    Someone picked up a bargain

    Really ? Seven Pounds ! Spotted this the other day , thought i would share
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    Boy racer cassette?

    Try this , uploaded the wrong image before !
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    "Let Me Kiss You" orange vinyl

    These IBEH Clear Vinyl are official releases right ?
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    Is this autograph authentic?

    Have a look at this then ! EBAY Obviously Item number:150994706395 Only £20 Start , Think i might go for it
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    Insuring you collection

    Hi , After reading the storage of items thread it crossed my mind regarding insurance of items, i have no issue with storage but owning a rather large Smiths / Morrissey collection i would like to hear from people who own the same to see what they do . I phoned up the Nationwide Building...
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    Valuation lists? great website . type morrissey scans into google if the link does not work
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