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    Robbie Keane discussing Morrissey whilst fishing

    I bet they don't mind if they catch a fish or not.
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    Begging letters to Morrissey

    I would ask for an around the world trip, but there's a pandemic right now so I'll ask for a house, please.
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    Morrissey not being gay ruins it for me

    KOD!!! One of my favorite bands.
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    Morrissey art versus life in a nutshell

    What amazes me about Buddy Rich is that he was so effortless. Like he just happened to be that good! So sad though that he had to deal with health issues.
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    Moz Albums - Mr Reynolds Suite

    I have no idea of what genre Morrissey songs belong :sweatsmile:
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    New song teasers

    Absolutely one of their best if not the best!
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