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  1. Stanley the 2nd

    So, Morrissey's in London. Where to find him?

    He'll be staying at the Dorchester as a Mr Rowntree. As in Smarties.
  2. Stanley the 2nd

    "The Queen's Speech": Morrissey on 2009, TTY

    Is this Morrissey's equivalent of the dreaded Christmas round robin letter? I might print a copy of and stick it inside a pretend Christmas card from mozzer!!!! An enjoyable read all the same.
  3. Stanley the 2nd

    'We Are The Lambeth Boys' on DVD

    Good shout. I will have to invest in this. I've never actually seen this film, so having We are the Lambeth boys as well is the clincher for me.
  4. Stanley the 2nd


    I don't ever recall it being played live. Surprised really as it would have sounded good live...
  5. Stanley the 2nd

    70s sitcom 'On The Buses' - Morrissey got an idea?

    I did hear that Morrissey was spotted in hmv once buying on the buses videos. I think it was Danny Baker who recalled the incident on his radio show. I'll get you Butler....
  6. Stanley the 2nd

    Flowers at gigs

    When I went to my first Morrissey gig back in 1995 it was more like the Chelsea flower show! I'd never seen so many gladioli in one place before. Hadn't thought of it before but there is a definite lack of scrubery these days...
  7. Stanley the 2nd


    I wish Moz would re-record this with a full scale orchestra. Imagine how good that would sound? One of the standout tracks from the Maladjusted era and a shame it didn't make the album.
  8. Stanley the 2nd

    How do you feel about Kill Uncle?

    The production and the sparse instrumentation let the album down. Listening to the songs on Live in Dallas they sound much better with the gutsy guitars.
  9. Stanley the 2nd

    Jesse Tobias

    Boz and Alain are legends. Jesse isn't worthy of even being their roadie. Time to get rid of the dead wood Moz.
  10. Stanley the 2nd

    Intro video's last night in Salisbury

    Good spot. I thought that was Nico when I was watching the intro in Salisbury but for some reason I thought it looked too normal to be one of her videos!
  11. Stanley the 2nd

    Swords - Midweek chart news

    Kind of amusing that Morrissey will probably get the hump over the chart placing! I guess there is the bonus disc for the completists amongst us fans but there's no other real reason to buy it.
  12. Stanley the 2nd

    Is it true that

    His mum was seated and his father and another relative were standing at the side of the box watching the show. I'm not a stalker though! I vaguely recognised his mother from one of the pictures in the severed alliance and Morrissey senior was unmistakable in profile. I was dubious as to who they...
  13. Stanley the 2nd

    Is it true that

    His family were sitting behind me at one of the RAH shows. His dad looked the model of respectability wearing a nice suit. Not the sort to be invading the stage. I could see where Morrissey got the forehead from. I think his mum was more into it though. It was quite novel having the family sat...
  14. Stanley the 2nd

    Is it true that

    I think it was Mark E Smith's dad actually....
  15. Stanley the 2nd

    The media's reaction to Morrissey's sudden illness

    The worrying thing about the bbc coverage was they showed the video of Morrissey performing you have killed me during the piece. Maybe I was the only one who saw the irony?
  16. Stanley the 2nd

    Moz's Real Problem?

    Maybe should have become a recluse after Vauxhall & I. Followed in the tradition of JD Salinger....
  17. Stanley the 2nd

    New Statement from Morrissey on True To You

    I feel that I need to come clean, my Morrissey supporting chums. Yes, it was me who "planted" the postcard on Rourkey's car. How was I to know it would backfire spectacularly and cause the big boss sleepless nights 20 years on..... oh the guilt.
  18. Stanley the 2nd

    Moz support acts info

    I thought Marion had actually reformed recently? I read they had played a few shows and we writing new songs. They were a good support band though and it was a shame that they split up. Guess they couldn't handle the fame and the drugs...
  19. Stanley the 2nd

    HMV My Inspiration Poster, Morrissey

    Nice poster and you could probably make a few quid sticking it on ebay. Not that you'd want to sell it. Do people still shop in HMV though? I used to spend a fortune in there before the internet was invented but not anymore......
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