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  1. Because We Must


    Could anyone upload the book? The link on the old thread is not working. Thanks in advance!
  2. Because We Must

    Request - I Was Morrissey's Drummer/ Rubber Ring's 'You are sleeping...'

    Thank you very much, ALex. I downloaded the files. I was after the whole thing, found it here if anyone else is interested:
  3. Because We Must

    Request - I Was Morrissey's Drummer/ Rubber Ring's 'You are sleeping...'

    Hi guys, Just wondering if someone could post or direct me to the links for that Andrew Paresi BBC show and to the original recording of that sample used at the end on Rubber ring. Thanks a lot.
  4. Because We Must

    Req: Lifeguard On Duty & Happy Lovers United MP3

    Aaargh, can't download it, could someone be kind enough to post Lifeguard and Happy lovers in two separated links. Many thanks!
  5. Because We Must

    2009.05.16 Corn Exchange, Cambridge

    I need to see the footage from the incident:guitar:
  6. Because We Must

    Calling all bootleg experts (again)

    Hi guys, I would like to know the definitive bootleg list, I mean the best bootleg of each year. As most of my boots are from '86 I think Thank My Lucky Stars is the best boot from that year. I would like to know what are the best ones from '83, '84, '85. Thanks in advance
  7. Because We Must

    Req: Rubber Ring/ Asleep

    I thought it was on the cd single as well?!?!?
  8. Because We Must

    Req: Rubber Ring/ Asleep

    Could someone upload the version from The Boy with tthe Thorn...B-side...the 2 songs mixed together. Thanks
  9. Because We Must

    80's EBTG request

    Can anyone help me out with this?
  10. Because We Must

    80's EBTG request

    Hi everyone, I'm after 2 EBTG songs from the 80's. One is called 'Heaven help me' and the other one is called 'Living on honeycomb'. I tried i-tunes, napster...can't find it anywhere. Just wondering if is there any EBTG fan around here that could upload these songs. Thanks
  11. Because We Must

    Satan TFI Friday

    Does anyone have this mp3?
  12. Because We Must

    At Amber

    Could anyone please upload 'Bed Took Fire'? And doesn't anyone have any details of this song? From what session is it from? Arsenal? Vauxhall? And another question...the live version posted days ago any info on the date? Thanks
  13. Because We Must

    Information on these unreleased songs

    What songs are in the Vauxhall outtakes?
  14. Because We Must

    I Know Very Well How I Got My Note Wrong

    Could anyone upload the version with Moz and Vinnie laughing at the end...thanks.
  15. Because We Must

    It's Not Unusual

    Hi, just wondering if anyone has the Blow Monkeys version of this old Tom Jones song, many thanks.
  16. Because We Must

    Chic and Johnny Marr

    Yeah, the song is called 'What About Me', they're on the cover, looking old and cheesy. The back cover was sort of cream color, it had 2 versions of the song...and it said Marr was courtesy of Epic Records.
  17. Because We Must

    Chic and Johnny Marr

    To answer a couple of PMs I've received. I went to this dirty record shop just behind Totteham Court Rd and was going through the Smiths section, and they had two 12''s the grabbed my attention. One was Chic 'What About Me' and the other I can't remember the name but it had 3 black girls one...
  18. Because We Must

    Chic and Johnny Marr

    Could anyone upload this Chic song with Johnny Marr on the guitar? It's called What About Me. Thanks
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