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    Morrissey Lyrics for Kindle

    Recently got a Kindle for Christmas and being technologically illiterate, I wondered if there was anything downloadable out there which would enable me to have the complete lyrics of Morrissey on my Kindle to read? I've always felt that would make a great book anyway... Kind regards
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    Did Morrissey have a cold whilst recording Southpaw Grammar?

    I'm pretty sure that in the sleeve notes for the 2009 remaster of Southpaw Grammar that he alludes to this?
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    Morrissey recording new Janice Long BBC Radio2 session today ~ Broadcast next week.

    Re: Morrissey recording new Janice Long BBC Radio2 session today ~ Broadcast next wee Truly beautiful, very intense and urgent lyrically, melodically soaring and careful in parts, really impressed with this. Roll on the next one, viva Moz!
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    Happy Birthday Morrissey!

    Happy birthday Mozza, enjoy yourself as you see fit, hope the next 12 months brings love, peace and harmony Here's to a new Moz album in shops by his 53rd!
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    Moz on Dermot O'Leary, Radio 2: 30/4/11 3pm

    Dermot O'Weary is trying hard to play the hardball interviewer, which is noble, but it's only semi-effective. I think he's got more out of Moz than John Wilson on Front Row did, Moz seems a bit more playful and as the interview progresses he's dodging the questions less and less. Or maybe Dermot...
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    Morrissey - "The Royal Family are benefit scroungers" Listening to it now, fantastic comments I think, I can only assume that Front Row had to edit the Moz interview for time restrictions as BBC have really got their moneysworth out of it since it was broadcast...
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    Morrissey on BBC R4 front row 20th april

    Morrissey on Front Row this Wednesday IS new interview I took the time to e-mail the BBC about Moz's appearance on Front Row on Wednesday (BBC Radio 4 7.15pm) and it turns out it isn't a repeat of the 2009 interview and it is indeed a new interview: Dear Fergal, Morrissey is scheduled to...
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