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  1. Fernando Eiras

    Static link collection for Morrissey & The Smiths rarities (**TRY HERE FIRST**)

    The Never Heard Symphonies maybe need a upload to California Son and Dog on a Chain era. Incridible work!
  2. Fernando Eiras

    The Smiths - Recollections

    Majestic! Thank you!!!
  3. Fernando Eiras

    Morrissey- Live in Cologne, Germany March 9th, 2020

    cant dowonlaod, link is dead, ayone?
  4. Fernando Eiras

    Smiths Torrent site?

    Same problem here. No activation code.
  5. Fernando Eiras

    "Viva Hate" French Morrissey tribute - A Découvrir Absolument (320 kbps / MP3)

    Oh, no! Theres nothing in this link... Can you reupload?
  6. Fernando Eiras

    Never Heard Symphonies (updated, resequenced, etc) -2018-

    All the old links from early eras are dead. Can someone reup?
  7. Fernando Eiras

    YouTube - LIHS audio tracks being added to MorrisseyOnVevo

    Who Will Protect Us from Police = Confident by Demi Lovato?
  8. Fernando Eiras

    Low in high school leak (go to page 9 or 10)

    Joe make a terrible work as producer and mixer. Looks like he doesn't know Morrissey's sound.
  9. Fernando Eiras

    Low In High School: What do you think of it?

    Oboe Concerto was a great ending to World Peace, but Israel isn't a good to LIHS.
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