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  1. Franzanna

    The nearly-dead SoLow forum

    GWTT! Glad to see you're still kicking around. :p You talkin' to me? :cool: I forget why exactly I found Solo, but I found the Frink Thread first and I didn't leave it for about a year. :p I don't think Morrissey being active made that much difference for me, but maybe it did for other...
  2. Franzanna

    The nearly-dead SoLow forum

    No, it was my poor attempt to translate something - I think it was a poem from somewhere. I think it needs a change, anyway. Whoops! I'm not exactly super at German - really I guess that just supports me not coming back for good anytime soon. :p
  3. Franzanna

    The nearly-dead SoLow forum

    Well, as a nearly dead forum member, I might as well say why I am so. :p I just got bored, really. A lot of the more active and established posters began to drop off and it wasn't the same without them. I'm not going to bother making silly conjectures about why everyone started leaving, but...
  4. Franzanna

    The Official General Election Thread

    I actually think the Lib Dems have a chance of getting in this election, partly because people seem to be so disillusioned with Labour and the Conservatives and partly because Clegg seemed to impress a lot of viewers of the televised debate. Whether or not their new-found popularity lasts until...
  5. Franzanna

    Bye bye Transatlantic flights

    It's amazingly embarassing how reliant humankind are now on air travel. On a less intellectual note, my form tutor is stuck abroad, so I can't have my target-setting session tomorrow! :p
  6. Franzanna

    Happy birthday Franzanna!

    Thank you for the messages, everyone. Plainly I still have enough of a fanbase to warrant a birthday thread. :) CG, everyone knows that buttercream is waaaaaay better than that awful sugarpaste icing stuff! Barking is fairly right - I'm not coming back on a regular basis any time soon, mostly...
  7. Franzanna

    Hi. :) Thanks for the request, only I won't be coming back any time soon because I have exams...

    Hi. :) Thanks for the request, only I won't be coming back any time soon because I have exams next month. :/ If you want to talk, my e-mail's on my profile. :)
  8. Franzanna

    The Weird Dream Thread

    Bump. I had a good few weird dreams last night that I'm still in the process of trying to recall. In one I think I ended up being romantically involved with someone I know behind a tennis court. He was drunk and I think I was pretending that he didn't know me because I don't think he likes me in...
  9. Franzanna

    Your Smiths / Morrissey song given a festive makeover

    The Fewer Gifts You Give Me, The More I Will Send The fewer gifts you give me, the more I will send, I'm wasting my cash. The fewer gifts you give me, the more I will send, I'm wasting my cash. I will get you jewellery, An iPhone touch, and a TV. I have now maxed out my card Buying...
  10. Franzanna

    Snow Moz Appreciation Thread

    Wow... That's some serious Mozzage. Upon seeing the title of the thread I thought of posting the Snoz Moz I made last February, but he feels inferior now. :p
  11. Franzanna

    What did make you smile today?

    Watching a video of some of my sister's friends in drag as the Spice Girls in a talent show.
  12. Franzanna

    What Do You Want From Your Secret Santa?

    :guffaw: I literally lol'ed. Cross-stitched cushions and rappers are an unusual mix to say the least.
  13. Franzanna

    Strange/unexpected Moz references?

    I wasn't aware of the real meaning of the word 'knacker', either as a traveller or as a person who dealt with dead horses. Although I suppose that's why dead horses went to the knacker's yard.
  14. Franzanna

    Michael McIntyre - yes or no?

    I can see why someone might find him annoying and too middle-class, but I actually find him quite funny. There are better comedians around for sure, but that doesn't mean that he's not funny. I think he has become a parody of himself, though. And I don't understand why a girl I know is actually...
  15. Franzanna

    Strange/unexpected Moz references?

    When my Dubliner friend first complained about knackers, I thought he meant bits 'n' bobs as you called them too. :p However, he explained to me that they're like chavs. 'Skangers' are the same as knackers, apparently.
  16. Franzanna

    Photography Thread

    I have the day off school today, so I decided to take photos of the snow on the estate. ^ Wheelie bins look good with snow.
  17. Franzanna

    Mother updated Twitter as her son, two, lay dying

    I don't question her motives after the call was made, but it says that she sent the first tweet a minute before her other son called the ambulance. I have no problem with the situation, providing that he had been pulled out of the pool before she started tweeting about it.
  18. Franzanna

    The Official Weather Report Thread

    Not quite. I think we're on amber alert. ;) A few schools are off, including mine, but there are quite a few that are still open and the buses are running.
  19. Franzanna

    The Official Weather Report Thread

    There's a lovely covering of snow outside (2 inches, perhaps), with more falling as I type. It really does feel like Christmas now. :love: Hopefully it will be much deeper by the morning so I don't have to go to church. :p
  20. Franzanna

    Get Knitting!

    I knitted a draught-excluder snake for my friend as a Christmas present, and it went wonderfully, much to my surprise! Sadly I have no photographic proof, since the snake has now been wrapped up and sent to him.
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