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  1. Venus Loon

    Would you ever cry at a Morrissey show?

    I cry every time I see Morrissey live. Usually at the end when I know the show is almost over. However, when he played Seasick at Myrtle Beach in March, I was in tears. It was so moving...
  2. Venus Loon

    Moz will never visit my country

    Re: Now moz will never visit my country I couldn't even bring myself to look...
  3. Venus Loon

    The official 'Get Well Soon' thread for Morrissey

    Dearest Morrissey - Please rest and take care of yourself. Cancel the tour. We will be here if and when you decide to tour again. Your health is more important to us than anything. We love you more than you could ever possibly know or even imagine...You are in my thoughts and prayers.
  4. Venus Loon

    In the tabloid today

    This has happened in the past, I believe.
  5. Venus Loon

    Morrissey & Theft

    Oh so very true!!
  6. Venus Loon

    Robbie Williams: I wanted to be Morrissey

    I don't know much about Robbie WIlliams - just a few songs. To be honest, I've never really even listened that close to his lyrics, but I think it's always a wonderful thing for any artist to want to be like Morrissey or to say that he is a huge influence on them. I wonder, however, if Robbie...
  7. Venus Loon

    Morrissey's attitude to women?

    I don't know if this means anything. It's just my opinion. Morrissey was raised by women - strong women. His Mother is a very strong minded woman from what I've read. He's had long standing friendships with very strong minded women. I don't think Morrissey believes in gender, but these...
  8. Venus Loon

    do you think morrissey should stop taking his shirt off?

    NO WAY. Morrissey is just soooo beautiful. He is perfect in every way to me.
  9. Venus Loon

    Who does Morrissey really want?

    Wow - that was beautiful. Thanks for sharing. :thumb:
  10. Venus Loon

    You Know What? (Into the black cloud)

    Maybe we can have our own fan club and you can...have yours. Sorry you hate us so much, but really, it makes no difference to any of us what you think. And, honestly, does it make you feel better to use such vile language. I think it does. You're an angry soul. :squiffy: Very sad, indeed.
  11. Venus Loon

    Morrissey's Catholicism

    It is not confession anymore, it is now known as reconciliation. It is true that once a Catholic always a Catholic. I know this, but I'm OK with it as I love Catholism...well, parts of it, anyway. I've seen Morrissey quite a few times make the sign of the cross on stage and it appears that he...
  12. Venus Loon

    has morrissey ever said what his favourite song is

    I've heard Life Is a Pigsty for his favorite recent song. As for favorite Smiths song, I once read it was Hand In Glove. But, I'm sure it's difficult for him to really pick a "favorite". There are so many great songs.
  13. Venus Loon

    Have Morrissey's lyrics/songs ever 'helped' you?

    More than I could ever put in words. Honestly, Morrissey gives me hope. It's funny how people say he's the "pope of Mope" and all that. I find his lyrics witty and uplifting. I honestly live to hear more from him. That is unhealthy, but he's alive and he sings exactly the things I feel. I...
  14. Venus Loon

    Morrissey & Marijuana

    I remember in an interview back in the late 90's the person interviewing asked Morrissey "Do you mind if I smoke?" to which Morrissey said, "If you don't mind taking me to hospital after you've given me Cancer" - or something along that line. I've also read elsewhere that he very much dislikes...
  15. Venus Loon

    Similarities and Differences between yourself and Morrissey

    Well, we have the same intense interest in James Dean and we have the same views on certain subjects. Like you, I see a lot of myself in Morrissey watching interviews. I'm sure there are a lot of differences, too. I'm not keen on The New York Dolls and some of the other bands/singers he's...
  16. Venus Loon

    Is there ever a wrong time to listen to Morrissey?

    LOL! I agree with Corrissey, Girl Drowning! That's awesome!
  17. Venus Loon

    Is there ever a wrong time to listen to Morrissey?

    Every moment of the day is an excellent moment to listen to Morrissey. In fact, if I couldn't hear his voice I'd probably go insane. Could I date someone who didn't like Morrissey? Hmm...I doubt it. I can't have my "significant other" dictate what I should listen to. He'd just have to...
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