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    "Low In High School" enters at #5 in UK album charts

    A lot of people are forgetting how many sales went through pre-order. It was number 1 on Amazon sales on that week where a lot of people pre-ordered to get gig ticket access. All of these pre-orders are not counted in the chart, so if they had been included, I can guarantee the figure would...
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    Gustavo Manzur pictured

    Posted 17 minutes ago
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    "Low In High School" reviews (first on French site Gonzaï)

    Chronique non autorisée du « Low In High School » de Morrissey - Gonzaï It's in French, and Google gives a ropey translation. The last paragraph seems to suggest it's either a spoof, or one member of staff has a copy of the album. Any French speakers able to help? Reviews will be added to this...
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