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  1. markem41

    Is Morrissey an eccentric?

    Nah, he's too premeditated in his actions. Take his single/album artwork - it does not strike me as eccentric at all, it's formulaic. Eccentric people are accepted because they do things that amuse us yet they are unaware of the situation. Everything Moz does is planned to the smallest degree.
  2. markem41

    Should Moz reissue My Early Burglary Years?

    Wasn't the HMV Bona Drag re-issued on Parlophone a few years later? We've only had one 2010 re-issued re-issue so must wait for the second before My Early Bugle Ears.
  3. markem41

    Morrissey and muslim meat traditions, does he dare criticise it?

    Ask a cow which it prefers - being electrocuted and then killed or having its throat slit while alive and a prayer said to a non-existent bloke in the sky. The answer is "neither, thanks". :)
  4. markem41

    The Anatomy Of A Photograph: Salford Lads Club & The Smiths - The Quietus

    I didn't really get any further than this "...the summer and autumn had blessed the city with unlikely sunshine". Absolute bollocks - lazy journalism and clichéd twoddle at its worse. Blue skies and sunshine don't make such a good story though. :mad:
  5. markem41

    TTY: Ebay (yawn)

    VRBNO (see section 2.7)
  6. markem41

    TTY: Ebay (yawn)

    He's like a consumer monkey
  7. markem41

    Moz with Jackson Browne photo at Buffy Sainte-Marie concert in Los Angeles (Feb. 8, 2015)

    I think it's more the receding hairline at the front - the expanse of forehead reaches a stage where it doesn't matter what you do with the hair on top, you still look like you have no hair. In general the balance of the hair is all wrong, nothing a quick trip to a Traditional Male Grooming...
  8. markem41

    Moz with Jackson Browne photo at Buffy Sainte-Marie concert in Los Angeles (Feb. 8, 2015)

    Interesting, his hair has reached that stage in a man's life when even though he has quite a lot it still doesn't stop you seeing him without any hair. Time to shave it off Moz, no bushy sides please.
  9. markem41

    Noel Gallagher on "The Queen Is Dead"

    "the minute the needle hit the record and that psychedelic intro to the title track fell out of the speakers, all doubt was blown away." Psychedelic? If a bit of Music Hall plus a drum solo is psychedelic you must be taking some seriously strong shit. :squiffy:
  10. markem41

    Deleted/Jake portions of "Autobiography" reinstated for US paperback edition

    Re: Deleted/Jake portions of Autobiography reinstated for US paperback edition No we don't.
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