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  1. Nikita

    Everyone says they remember where they were when 9/11 happened, and when Michael Jackson died. Where were you?

    9/11 : in court. When MJ died: have no idea, don't even know when it happened though I enjoy some his songs.
  2. Nikita

    Heading to London and Manchester in September

    In London: Sir John Soane’s museum (, Tate Modern and depending on the exhibition, National Portrait Gallery.
  3. Nikita

    Five Favorite Filmmakers

    David Cronenberg Hal Hartley David Lynch Gus Van Sant Wong Kar-Wai
  4. Nikita

    Obama Won!!

    The best thing in this election is that Morrissey can't really sing America is not the world anymore
  5. Nikita

    French Solo ers....
  6. Nikita

    Morrissey would be SICKENED by most of you

    Must every real fan get his arse tatooed and photographed by some lad ?
  7. Nikita

    The Beatles thread

    A day in the life
  8. Nikita

    Meat is Murder?

    I am quite sure I've seen more than you did For the second time in this thread, find me the message where I said so, and I'll become a vegan immediately Well, I really do despair of a world in which people make no difference between humans and animals and compare butchers to nazis
  9. Nikita

    Meat is Murder?

    Imagine that tomorrow Morrissey sings Brocoli is murder, which I believe is true, would eating brocoli still be moral ?
  10. Nikita

    Meat is Murder?

    Find me a message in which I say this and I'll became a vegan
  11. Nikita

    Meat is Murder?

    About the leather ? Well, it is not difficult But I do
  12. Nikita

    Meat is Murder?

    How many years after Meat is murder ? Here lies hypocrisy and, by the way, during ROTT tour, he did wear leather If you make no difference between an animal and a human being, we can't understand each other
  13. Nikita

    Meat is Murder?

    Morrissey, his band, are wearing leather - shoes, belts etc ... So when the man is comparing butchers with nazis, to say the least, he is hypocrite
  14. Nikita

    Meat is Murder?

    Liver, right, sorry about that
  15. Nikita

    Meat is Murder?

    Not the kind of fan who votes 10 to every song at the Houdini poll That's all you have ? Never thought I was a foreigner ? You guys, and Morrissey first, are such hypocrites on the subject
  16. Nikita

    Meat is Murder?

    Well, you know, as I said, the fact that it tastes good, as I initially pointed out, is enough for me : I am an eat meater, yes, even foie gras which is an ill kidney taken from an animal who was feeded to death in horrible circumstances
  17. Nikita

    Meat is Murder?

    I've read the opposite
  18. Nikita

    Meat is Murder?

    Where you get this from ? Even the Dalaï Lama eats some meat from time to time because it provides him some proteins he would not find in any other food
  19. Nikita

    Meat is Murder?

    It tastes good
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