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    explanations for your usernames

    Cork: the county in Ireland where I'm from. Cian: My first name. and when pronounced together = Corkian :).
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    Post Whatever You Are Thinking At This Very Moment

    Nope. But it will take a few weeks to get prepared and then settled and I have some pre-college work and revision to do before returning to college. Also I don't know whether the internet is set up at the new place yet (should only take a few days i suppose). Either way, I must commit a lot of...
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    Post Whatever You Are Thinking At This Very Moment

    I'm moving up the Country soon and so between preparing for that, settling in and then dedicating as much of my time as possible to college, tomorrow (if i'm on) will most likely be my last day here until next summer at least. Or ever, which is much more likely :tears:. Oh well, it was fun :).
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    Supporting act?

    Yup. They will be playing Brixton as well. According to the tour column on their MySpace: Enjoy :).
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    Supporting act?

    Doll & the Kicks - who I really enjoyed in Killarney. Thought they were great.
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    Does having a face like a bulldog licking piss off a nettle make you a better fan?

    Re: Does having a face like a bulldog licking piss off a nettle make you a better fan She Regina Spektor.
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    explanations for your usernames

    I chose Corkian because I was born and raised in Kilkenny :rolleyes:.
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    "Maladjusted" the most popular Morrissey album

    Re: "Maladjusted" the most popular Morrissey album... The numbers state how how many times each album was taken or checked out of the library. In other words, Maladjusted was rented out and returned to the library 129 times. :)
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    Meet our new additions!

    I was more referring to Myxomatosis but I didn't want to bring it up, thought it would kill the mood. :o I have seen it first hand and it is truly disgusting, be sure to have them vaccinated (if thats not standard nowadays). I don't think you should be nervous at all :). Someone I know had...
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    Meet our new additions!

    Congratulations. They're both very cute. :) We never had a 'Pet-Rabbit' but sometimes Wild Rabbits come into our garden and I half-consider them to be Pets :o. And I'll echo Cowshed's Good Luck: Good Luck.
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    Puppet Got A Brand New String

    It's quite different alright. But I enjoyed it. Thanks for the link :).
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    pin ups

    His name is Zachary Quinto, from the TV show Heroes. :) Not a fan of the programme myself - just recognised him from it.
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    Michael Jackson RIP

    Never was a very big fan but I did like a number of his songs. I think this is very sad news. R.I.P. Michael Jackson.
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    Post your tattoos

    You're welcome. Just because I saw your picture in the Member's Pics thread recently and I thought you were quite young which means overtime there is the possibility (or risk :p) you may lose interest in Morrissey .... and that tattoo is rather large. :)
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    Post your tattoos

    Great tattoo! Also a great tattoo - very nice :). (i'm a little surprised though)
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    anyone who wants to get their poetry published?

    Online Translators are not always 100% accurate but they are handy. Google Translate might help.
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    Belgian Teenager Fell Asleep During A Tattoo Gone Wrong!

    You're welcome. :) There is also a video on the BBC Website And if anyone is interested, this is the tattoo artist: I agree.
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    Problems uploading pics

    Take the YouTube link: And copy after the '=' ie: EMzA0g28Ue4 Put that between: [youtube][/youtube} So [youtube]EMzA0g28Ue4[/youtube} Change the last bracket to ] like the others
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