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    Acoustic cover of "Swallow On My Neck"

    The chords to this would be immensely appreciated! And it's a very good cover, you've confirmed my thoughts that it suits being really stripped down and that
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    Did Moz want this to happen?

    Nonsense, anyone who was there last night would (should) agree with me on that as well. If he wasn't up to it, he would have pulled the gig, even Morrissey wouldn't have everyone turn up to the gig only to have them leave. Though I was fuming when it was said that the gig was not going to...
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    'Now My Heart Is Full'- meanings?

    Certainly one of my favourite Morrissey songs and I see it as using the suicide notion to show the death of his old gladeoli/hearing aid/A Taste of Honey/Smiths persona, that really died a long time before (if it ever really existed) and moving on, this is shown in the Brighton Rock references...
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    Topman - SLC

    Bastards aren't they, I expected Topman would have slipped SLC a donation but nope! Disgusting! It wouldn't be as bad if they'd given them money and helped reach the total for the roof, but this revelation makes it wrong on more levels. Topma used to sell a glittery "Meat is Murder" t-shirt...
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    Topman - SLC

    Topman ambush "Salford Lads Club" and I feel ill... Walked past a Topman shop in Manchester city centre the other day and saw a big cardboard cut out of Salford Lads Club but saying "Topman Lads Club" instead, felt appaled, went home and found this...
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    Do you think "Swallow on my Neck" refers to a hickie?...yes/no;why?

    I sort of believe that is what it's in refernce to really....sort of a double meaning but very intentionally. It's the "and more I will not say" bit that secures it for me. Half the beauty of the song is the curiosity of what he really means though, for me at least, fantastic song
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    Courteeners cover There Is a Light...

    My love for this band is as sharp as a needle in your must be such a fool to pass them by or write them off as overly pop or flavour of the month. I was there on Saturday night, my 13th time seeing the band, and it was phenomenal. I was massively impressed with this cover, one of the...
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    Smiths/Moz songs you can't stand...

    Death at One's Elbow and Golden Lights are an absoloute stain on the Smiths back catalogue, other than that there are few flaws to be found. In terms of Morrissey though, Ouja Board has to be one of my all time least favourites, as is Margaret on the Guillotine interestingly, though I agree...
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    Underrated songs

    Angel, Angel, Down We Go Together Late Night, Maudlin Street Dear God, Please Help Me I Know Very Well How I Got My Name I'm Not Sorry
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    Interesting Drug meaning

    I always just assumed it was about the massive growth of E's in the UK at the time, I've often pondered over the "Government scheme designed to kill your dreams" lyric though, that could mean any number of things...any thoughts on that? I've often thought that to be in reference to either...
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    Favourite first moment of the first track of a Moz album?

    Re: Favourite first moment of the first track of a Mozz album? For me it has to be the start of "Now My Heart is Full", there's something about starting an album with the lines "There's gonna be some trouble/A whole house will need rebuilding" that just hooks you, its like the start of a proper...
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    What would Morrissey Advertise?

    Special K "Drop a Jean Size" Diet
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    Years Of Refusal enters UK album chart at #3

    The world is full of crashing bores, and two of them are charting higher than Mozzer. KOL have gone from something for music fans that was really quite special to Radio 1's flavour of the month, they've been given the carrot and they've ran with it.
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    Just Watched some rare Smiths Footage

    Aye, I knew it was the Gum club but apparantly that was the Sun pub at some point in the 80s, not for long though, thus why any memory of the Gum club has been erased. I think the title Gum Club may have only ever been a formality, and a temporary one at that. It appears its a small world mate...
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    Rank your Morrissey albums

    1. Vauxhall And I 2. Your Arsenal 3. You Are The Quarry 4. Viva Hate 5. Years of Refusal 6. Ringleader of the Tormentors 7. Southpaw Grammar 8. Maladjusted 9. Kill Uncle
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    Just Watched some rare Smiths Footage

    This was in Blackburn on Church Street last night wasn't it? I missed this sadly! I knew it was coming up but didn't operate brain enough to think about it until afterwards when a mate of mine who went mentioned it. Smiths played Gum Club in Blackburn in 83...apparantly that is what is now the...
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    Years of Refusal #2 Thursday update

    Charts are a tightrope. It's all about the Saturday sales really, when the Mums and Dads of the world go to Tesco and buy their bi-annual album - its just whether this will be Mozzer or Lily Allen? I've got faith that Moz will win out on Saturday with the parents, but who knows really
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