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    what 04-09 b-sides that were left off should hav been included on Swords?

    I'll never understand why he abandoned "Easy To Get." Such a beautiful little pop song.
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    Morrissey's Best Band Line-Up

    Thank you. Alain's voice had such a beautiful counterpoint to Moz's back in the day.
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    Morrissey's Best Band Line-Up

    I quite enjoyed what Mikey brought to the table originally, but when compared to the virtual shit-show that is Pooley, Mikey looks like a genius. I think the current line-up does a good job (with the exception of Pooley), but nothing can match the background vocals from the 91-93 era. Whenever...
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    Why The Static Setlist?

    In your opinion, why has Moz kept the setlist so static through this first part of the tour? We all know that the song selection on any given night or tour is all about the songs that he feels are speaking to him at the moment or just the ones he feels like performing. It seems like on past...
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    What do you think of the 2009 setlist?

    While overall it's a pretty strong set, it would be nice if he could do some night-to-night variety as he has in the past. Having a few songs rehearsed that he could switch in and out on the night would make each show a bit more unpredictable and exciting. I attribute it to the new keyboard...
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    Johnny Marr's Finest Moment?

    "1982. 384 Kings Road. Knock knock." classic! though that guitar jam in the vid is funky as hell
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