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    Van Morrison on negative reaction to free speech

    Indeed free speech is scary nowadays. It could start chaos if you know what I mean.
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    Hurts " Wonder wall" cover

    Hey, I would also like this. I still need to sign up though. Thanks!
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    Alain's version of Well I wonder

    One of my favorite Smith songs. Beautiful!
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    DrumWise Meets... Spike T. Smith (April 3, 2021)

    I agree te the drums sound a bit off. Nonetheless, thanks for the video.
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    Fairytale of New York

    The only Christmas song that never gets old!
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    Covid-19 bands/songs

    This is such a magical moment in peace in these horrible times. Doesn't this song always gives me feels?
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    Covid-19 bands/songs

    Since the lockdowns, I keep listening to certain bands and songs and I don't know why. Maybe it's timely. I listen to 4 Non Blondes and Counting Crows. How about you guys? What song do you think would best describe the world today?
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    What album are you listening to right now?

    Any recommendation for a good album to listen to? TIA
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    The Damned

    My father is a big fan of The Damned and I can tell why as I as well become one when I heard their music.
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    R.I.P Walter Becker

    May his soul rest in peace.
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    What album are you listening to right now?

    I am hooked with all The Cab songs right now.
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