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  1. Nikita

    Greatest Morrissey live show

    I attended between 15 and 20 of his shows since 1991, some were great, some were not, but I still hope the greatest is yet to come.
  2. Nikita

    Marr plays Smiths - NME (November 4, 2021)

    What saddens me a bit in these events is that every time JM is playing/asked to play Smiths’ tunes; he is never, I mean NEVER asked to perform his solo stuff.
  3. Nikita

    Morrissey A-Z: "You're Gonna Need Someone on Your Side"

    It is not subtle and a little greasy.
  4. Nikita

    Morrissey A-Z: "You're Gonna Need Someone on Your Side"

    Like all old fans I guess, I remember my surprise when first listening to Your Arsenal in summer 1992 - a friend of mine asked me if it was the new Pixies album when You're Gonna need started. It was exciting and a little strange, but let's face it, it is pretty rustic.
  5. Nikita

    Morrissey A-Z: "(The) Youngest Was the Most Loved"

    I like the children choir and I love the "There is no such thing in life as normal" line, but the song is average.
  6. Nikita

    Morrissey A-Z: "You Know I Couldn't Last"

    I will always regret that it was not recorded with a proper string section, but a it remains a good song.
  7. Nikita

    Morrissey A-Z: "(The) World Is Full of Crashing Bores"

    Not a big fan, but it is an OK song, always thought that live, they could have merged it to Picadilly Palare.
  8. Nikita

    Morrissey A-Z: "Yes, I Am Blind"

    I remember my disappointment when I bought the Ouija Board single, first time I heard a heavy regression in Morrissey's singles. I like Yes, I am Blind immediately though, despite the childish lines opening lines: Yes, I am blind No, I can't see the good things Just the bad things of the world...
  9. Nikita

    Morrissey A-Z: "You Have Killed Me"

    When I first heard it, and listened again several times, I was truly disappointed and was expecting a Southpaw Grammar II as the forthcoming album. When ROTT was finally published, I feel in love with Life is a Pigsty, but eventually, I realized that You Have Killed Me was a solid song and even...
  10. Nikita

    Morrissey attends Echobelly concert (October 8, 2021)

    October 8 2021, are you sure? Sounds like 1992.
  11. Nikita

    Morrissey A-Z: "Who Will Protect Us from the Police?"

    I am not fond of SG, but I salute the « gesture », whereas LIHS….
  12. Nikita

    Morrissey A-Z: "When Last I Spoke to Carol"

    In my top five, maybe three, of his solo songs.
  13. Nikita

    Morrissey A-Z: "We'll Let You Know"

    Probably in my top ten of his solo songs.
  14. Nikita

    Morrissey A-Z: "Trouble Loves Me"

    In my opinion, the only good song on Maladjusted, but it is really good.
  15. Nikita

    Morrissey A-Z: "Tony the Pony"

    Obviously not a highlight of his career, I don't even listen to it unless it pops up when my iPod is on random, but I still prefer it to half of Years of refusal or Low in high school.
  16. Nikita

    Morrissey A-Z: "There's a Place in Hell for Me and My Friends"

    I love the original version and I dislike the 1991 live one, but almost like all the tracks from Kill Uncle - the energy was nice, especially when attending the shows, but all in all, I don't listen to the bootlegs of that era.
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