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    What does this great Moz lyric mean?

    Call me right off the mark but I saw it as about how people spend most of their money on things to improve quality of life (fast cars, holidays, decorating etc) and that if you sack all that off you'd be very rich and just as much in happiness or in misery. Outstanding tune regardless
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    The message of Morrissey's music

    Been interesting reading some of these responses. I agree it's not possible to sum up nearly 3 decades of albums into a nifty sentance but my thoughts on the overall message that it's said to me is to simply accept yourself, realise the insanity and barbarism of the world around us, try to find...
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    The message of Morrissey's music

    I was thinking this morning about if there's a general overriding message in the lyrics of Morrissey and if so - what is this message? Interested to hear thoughts on this, what message you feel is the main message conveyed to you through it all
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    Morrissey cancelled all forthcoming interviews

    Re: OMG, Morrissey cancelled all forthcoming interviews As much as it's a shame that we're not being treated to 4 interviews with the man after a year of hearing very little (save for an interview with Simon Armitage about Simon Armitage with Morrissey as a footnote) but if he sees a reason to...
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    Morrissey on Guardian

    Full marks, couldn't agree more
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    Pick your favourite track from each of Morrissey's 9 studio albums

    Viva Hate - "Late Night, Maudlin Street" Kill Uncle - "Our Frank" Your Arsenal - "The National Front Disco" Vauxhall and I - "Now My Heart is Full" Southpaw Grammar - "The Boy Racer" Maladjusted - "Trouble Loves Me" You Are the Quarry - "Come Back to Camden" Ringleader of the Tormentors -...
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    Pick your favourite track from each of The Smiths 4 studio albums

    The Smiths - "Still Ill" Meat is Murder - "Rusholme Ruffians" The Queen is Dead - "There is a Light That Never Goes Out" Strangeways, Here We Come - "I Won't Share You"
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